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Nordica Nemesis

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On Weds. Mammoth got 15+ inches of fairly heavy powder, aka "Sierra Cement".  I skied the morning with my Auras and enjoyed it.

In the afternoon when the snow was pretty cut up, I decided to demo a pair of Nordica Nemesis, basically the same length (161) on the recommendation of a friend who really likes them.  I loved them.  I felt they had superior flotation in the little bit of fresh untracked I was able to scrounge up, and superior turn initiation in the chopped up stuff.  I also felt that they were more stable and allowed me to ski faster.

Does anyone have experience on both skis?  How would you compare them?  Also, if you have skied the Nemesis vs. other skis, what do you think of them?

A third question, if anyone has a pair they'd like to sell, please keep me in mind.
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I test women's skis regularly and have tested both the Nemesis vs. the Aura and the Enforcer vs. the Mantra (which I owned at the time). In both cases I found the Nordica offerings to be more versatile and particularly so in mixte salad conditions. The reason is the same in both cases. The Nordicas offer a more balanced flex than the Volkls and thus they work better for a wider variety of skiers and in a wider variety of conditions.

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Thanks, SJ.  Looks like I may be adding a new ski to my quiver this season.
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