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Driving to Taos from Chicago

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We pulled the trigger and made a reservation for the Edelweiss Hotel at the base of Taos for the last week the mountain is open (late March/early April).  We'll be driving from Chicago and going through Denver.  Online mapping sites have us taking I-25 to US 160 at Walsenburg to CO SR-159/NM SR 522.  Are there any issues with going this route during late March (assuming no winter storms while driving).  Any other better/safer routes?
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Good route subject to the weather gods.  Second route is I-25 to Raton, US 64 to Taos.  If you can, do the first inbound and the second returning home.  If you do the 2nd and can take the time, the first Viet Nam Veterans Memorial in the US is in Angel Fire just East of Taos.  Well worth a stop.  Enjoy Taos!  4" fresh last night!
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Good choice, for the last two years the end of March has turned out to be awsome. 
The third week in March is spring break for my 9 year old and we will be there all week.
The Edelweiss is first class and the prices for that week are much better than peak. 
See you there.
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