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Alta through the eyes of a 6 year old, Jan 2010

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 Lots of Alta folks here. This was our first trip there. Lots of soft snow, and some powder but too early for heavy powder. The film is the Alta Dax saw. There is so much more to discover there in the next few years. Dad cannot keep up with him but trying nonetheless. Its a magical place for kids, the possibilities of creating your own trails, the gullies, the bumps, the windy paths, the traverses (Dad did'nt like these much!) and the bowls.
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Awesome!  There is nothing better than skiing with your children, except when their skill surpasses yours.  I remember skiing with my daughter a few years back at Breck.  She was about 12 and weighed maybe 80lbs.  We spent the afternoon in this area called "the burn" which is essentially trees with moguls.  She was so light, it was no problem for her to get out of shape, much like your son of a couple of the runs in the video.  She just floated like a waterbug.  I did not have that luxury and it was all I could do to keep up.  Still one of the best days skiing though.
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Thanks for sharing, dustyfog. It brings back some great memories of skiing with my two girls, who were Dax-like in their day.
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Dustyfog, thanks for sharing that.  Looks like some great times in LCC. 

You had best go after it man or get a telephoto set-up.  Dax is really coming along.  Good luck keeping up in a year or two.  A cool kid.
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lol love the video but the song choices are all over the place. You've got some sort of soap opera make out music to start it off, then some Avril, then some techno, then a classic braveheart song, then some old 50's twist music. So random! :D
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 Cool video dusty. dax is tearin it up. Cool to see the 360 at the start is shows really advanced skills. Alta is one of the best places in the country for beginners and small kids.

Matt FYI lightness has nothing to do with it, you daughter just has better balance skills thats all. At 12 shes more like an adult than kid from skiing physical stand point now despite how short she can be. Its time for you to get better.
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just wondering what type of video recorder you used to film this.  Great Job!
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Thanks folks, it really is something else for me as his Dad to enjoy these moments and be able to relive them. Sharing the joy. On the music, well, just put it together. Movie made on a regular canon hand-held digital camera SD 960 IS, and then edited on IMovie on an IMac.

And its already here, Dad can't really keep up with him on the more technically difficult and steeper terrain..he is just so relaxed while Dad is stiff as a board (Working on loosening up though).
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 And yes, I will add that Alta is awesome for intermediates, and kids. Dax literally made up some of his own trails, and the terrain while not huge for intermediates has long runs from top to bottom off of all the tops - supreme, sugarloaf, collins and wildcat. Alta Lodge is terrific for kids, and they went out of their way to accommodate us. 

After reading so much about Alta, glad we went there.
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