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Questions about tuning

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Hello Folks: 

I am a newbie and this is my first post.  I have some questions about tuning.  I have never tuned before but ordered a set from after reading great reviews.  

1.  I have had my Atomic Crimson Ti for two years.  I had the edges sharpened and base waxed at a good local store.  Do I have to file my edges before I begin or can I use the diamond stones on the edges that are already there.  My thinking was to start with the black diamond, then yellow, blue, red, and followed by green.  Than using a gummi stone to remove the burrs. 

2. Does anyone know what the base angle and edge angle of the Atomic Crimson Ti.  

3. When scrapping the wax off, do I keep scraping until I can no longer scrape.  I am also told that I am supposed to use a nylon brush when done scraping, do I just run it up and down.  How many times.  Do I press hard or soft?

Sorry for all the questions, I am a total newbie.  


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A couple recent threads will answer some of your questions.

Using Diamonds


You might just check out the last 20 or so threads and perform some searches as well.
post #3 of 3 has all that info on their web site.  Also, Swix School:
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