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New Twin tip skis for an all around agressive skier

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So I am getting some new twin tip skis and I wanted to know what you all thought and would recommend.  I ski mostly new england (so not much powder), but have been skiing for just about my entire life and I can ski anything.  The only thing I havent really done was ski the parks and I am just starting to get into it with rails and hitting big jumps and all that good stuff. I want some twin tips that are good in the park but I don't want to sacrifice the all-mountain skiing that I usually do. I am thinking I am going to get them center mounted so I was wondering what skis are good for the park but also stiff enough with good edging. I want some light skis that have a good fun feel to them.

I am 5'11'' 170 lbs
I have been looking at line chronic (too soft?), Volkl Wall, Volkl Bridge (can you center mount?), Armada AR6 and Alpha 2. Any other recommendations?

I just want a ski that is aggressive enough to go all over the mountain and also holds its own in the park. Also, any recommendation on some new bindings? Thanks for all the input!

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"Good in the park" means soft and buttery, and is compatible with "center mount" and "light skis"

"All mountain skiing" means substantial, and is compatible with "stiff enough with good edging"

However, the two are at odds with each other, especially center-mounting.  Anything you want is therefore going to be a compromise (read: tolerable at both, not particularly good at either).  Contrary to your wants, you WILL have to sacrifice both if you're not willing to sacrifice one or another.

That said, there are some good, enjoyable compromises out there.  The K2 Public Enemy/Extreme is one.  Not particularly soft and buttery, will hold an edge ok, but not optimal for ice, nor a stiff-tipped crudbuster (compromise).  Not particularly light, no metal to bend, but has a decent speed limit (compromise).  Not wide enough for powder, but has a bit of tip-rocker/early-rise (compromise).

Also, shiftable bindings (i.e. Jester/Griffon Schizo) can allow you to center-mount your all-mountain twins without committing to poor performance out-of-the-park.  But added complexity & weight (compromise), price premium.

If you do decide to get that K2 Extreme + Griffon Schizo combination, you can also opt for the Schizofrantic pre-drilled insert (think snowboard binding mounting) setup to eliminate having to get the skis drilled, and save a little weight (I think).  I would consider that a plus, not a compromise.
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I think the Bridge would be a good ski for what you want too do. Good enough for all mountain and pow, but they are soft enough for the park and pipe. Idk maybe you might want to take a look at the Freeskiers buyers guide. You might find something there as well.


Griffons or Schizo are good bindings. Also Look Px12, Salomon Sth12, Salomon Sth14, and the Sth16 are all great bindings for feeskiing as well...
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IMO if you are gonna center mount the skis i would by a park specific ski and say screw it on how it handles outside of the park.
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Thanks for the help guys those schizo bindings sound like a great idea. So I have also been looking online and the Salomon Suspect skis have been getting great reviews and have a great pop for jumps and small jumps but are stiff enough to hold up on the fast runs. Has anyone skied on these? And can you center mount these?

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