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Kuro, Gotama

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Has anybody skied both of these skis.

I have only skied the 2010 Gotama and was really impressed how they handled Wind Blown powder and tracked up powder.

I also loved how they handled really steep technical.

I was wondering if the Kuro would ski similar but work be better in the powder.

FYI, I am looking for a quiver ski and do not really care how they work on groomers.

But I ski mostly front side and do do some hiking, but rarely get complete fresh tracks in an open bowl.


Please only respond if you have riden the skis and can make a reail comparison.

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Obviously the two skis share a similar rocker & overall shape philosophy. The Kuro is the major powder surfer/slarver of the two. For its size, the Kuro also handles cutup crud surprisingly well. Not bad on soft groomers either. The Gotama is definitely more the all-mountain, but still  powder-capable, side of the family.

If your emphasis is on any form of deep soft snow & you are north of 160 or so pounds (pulling a number out of the air...), go with the Kuro. There's probably no need to go with the 195 unless you are planning on big fast lines.

Obviously there is an element of personal preference in this...

(yes, I've used them. Lots of days on the 185 Kuros, a day on the 195s and maybe between 8 and a dozen on the new Gotamas...)
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 Thank you spindrift!!
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 Quick question, how do the Kuro's handle tight corners or jump turns on really steep.
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 Also, I am 5'6" at 165.

I am a strong skier. I liked the playful feal of the Gotamas at 178 and I currently ride some Head Mojo 90 at 178.

Should I go 178 or 185.

Steep tree's and chutes are my thing because they get tracked up less fast.
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Here's the Evo size chart. I suspect this may be cut/paste from Volkl - but the Evo crew is pretty on the ball, so I suspect if they had issues with it that there'd be some adjustment or commentary...

As far as nimbleness goes - a full reverse ski like the Kuro is amazingly nimble in soft snow. They pivot fast enough that jumpy jump turns are likely going to be a thing of the past. Regardless of the size you pick. That said - shorter = more nimble (to a point).
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 Went with the 175, will post my findings.

Should have them Mounted and on the slope by Thursday at Mammoth with LOTS of fresh powder.
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 Ok, I went with the Kuro and am VERY VERY VERY happy I did.

Last week, I had two back to back fresh powder days at Mammoth.

The first day, I was getting my kuros mounted at Ketridge sports in Mammoth so they (for free, awsome shop) gave me some 178 Volkl Gotamas to ride for the day.

Both days where fresh powder and fresh tracks, they day I had the Kuro had more snow but both days where epic.

I made the same runs on very similar conditions and the kuro was better on everything in every situation.

I was skiing faster and more in control on the kuro than the Gotamas.

The Kuro also handles the groomers very nicely as long as it is not Ice.

I took the Kuro out yesterday on a very hard pack day and was impressed with them. I normally would not ride the ski on a hard pack day but wanted to ride them for comparison.

If I kept my speed below say 45 on the ice runs, the kuro did fine. Later in the afternoon when the snow softened up, there was no speed limit.

Here is a link of some footage on me on the kuro on a hardpack groomer from my buddies helmet cam.

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