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Low volume foot/ankle/leg and ZipFit

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Hi all, I need your advice,
My stats and volume problem:
Female, 5'8", 123#, level 8, fairly aggressive. Narrow foot, heel, ankle, skinny lower leg.
On the recommendation of a reputable boot fitter, I bought Lange Banshee Pro (Lange size 4.5, mondo 23.5). Shell length is good and I have half an inch behind my heel.
I skied 10 days so far this season and already had to add padding, full length 3mm thick shims and my boots still don't feel snug enough. Buckles were moved to the tightest position right away and I need to close my top buckle on the last notch. I have custom footbeds.
Now this boot fitter says that I should get ZipFit Diva or Classic as they will fill up volume. Another boot fitter recommends Intuition liner. I've been reading this forum and it looks like ZipFit Classic might help.
Just did some measuring to describe my leg/boot issue better: my lower leg circumference - just above the ankle - is only 7.5" and inside shell circumference in the same area is 11", so now I'm wondering if ZipFit would fill up this much volume. My calf is 13" at the widest and sits higher than my boot.
So....what do you guys think: ZipFit, Intuition, more padding, another boot?
I'd really appreciate your input.
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can you try on a lower volume shell with your old liner and see how that feels?   having to all that padding to a shell, after only 10 days of use is not that good of a sign

zips and intuitions will help for sure, but I'd recomend getting a lower volume shell to start with, make it softer if you need to, and then add aftermarket liners if you need to.  Just starts with a smaller volume product.

1/2 inch = 14mm?   might be worth seeing how the next shell down feels too.  might be too short, but worth trying on first....

NOT a sales pitch, but if you need a hand finding that smaller, or lower volume shell PM me.
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Thanks mntlion,
I was afraid that this shell was just too much volume...However, I don't know why I thought I had half an inch behind my heel.
It is only about 5mm!
BTW, my liners were padded after about 3 days of skiing. I agree, not a good sign. 
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5mm = good shell for length, but again, volume/width seems like an issue...

try the liners, but again a better shell fit is an option too.
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with a 5mm shell check you are going to really struggle to get a zip fit classic in there.... you may get a world cup  or prehaps just the gara then fill it up a bit with cork, but the classic is thick and bulky and will take up way more than 5mm in length
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My Banshee liner is pretty thick, but I need something thicker all around (except for length). Would custom injectable liner (like Surefoot) work better?
Thanks again

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5mm is not a hell of a lot.  Less than 1/4".  If you are loose in a shell of that length then I agree with Mtnlion and I would start over with a lower boot.  CEM is right, I don't see anyway you'll get a zipfit in there.

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