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Need local knowledge on Ski Liberty black diamond runs

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I hope I posted this in the right place...

I have been going to Liberty all season so far, and have been going down all the groomed blue runs they have there.  I am starting to get curious about going down a black run, but didn't want to make a huge mistake.  Does anyone have any opinion on which one would be a good one to start on there?  I see White Lightning is on the front side, but I don't to get in over my head if I don't have to.  All the chutes on the back side look narrow and steep, just short.  Any opinions? 
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Just tuck and straightline it.
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Try Blue Streak. I think it's actually easier than the blue that's on the very right side of the backside. White Lightning is not a difficult run either (it's a blue on many mountains).
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 Depends on conditions, but generally, in order of increasing difficulty, Blue Streak, White Lightning, East Wind.

Actually the conditions rarely change this order. Sometimes when East Wind is very icy, it skis more difficult than the double blacks. Because it only rates one diamond, it gets more traffic than the trails to either side of it, and can become icier due to the increased traffic,

Blue and White are easier than East Wind, if you can handle upper Heavenly without difficulty, you should be OK. Blue is steeper than Heavenly, but less crowded and usually less icy.
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DRSCOTT....NOT EASTWIND----Voltswagon bumps on top and then man-mades below...

Blue, WL, Strata--if not bumped (but it is today), Ultra, then Strata if bumped then East.   

Do this before any black---   On dipsy..the second turn is the big hairpin to the left.     Stay hard left where the orange lolly pop marker usually is.    That area is as steep as most of the slopes we are talking about and in 60 feet you are back on green.   Ski that area in all conditions at all times.   You KNOW you can ski any groomed black if you can make 5 turns in that local.  To stay on the back and thus a faster lift...soon as you finish your skill test/practice on Dipsy, hook right and head down Whittney's Way.     Turns yeild controlled speed which yields control and then comes confidence to ski anything.    You will also find a steep stretch gross skiers RIGHT on the first turn of Heavenly, up against the trees---where most people stay middle to left.     This is dual pitch, which is great practice.    

Take a lesson with this focus......"Short turns"       I'd be happy to teach it or recommend someone who will.       PM me.   
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Thanks alot for the help, I really appreciate it.  I went this past saturday, and took my first trip on Blue Streak.  I found that to be very manageable, just more narrow than the blue runs on the backside.  I think white lightning would be my next run to try, but looking at the blacks on the backside left me still unsure if I am ready for them.  I need to learn moguls on the easier runs before ever trying them on expert ones.  Thanks again the advice, this board is great. 
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