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questions about deburring

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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to learn how to do my own edge maintenance.  I purchased a swix sharpening tool with a guide, but I do not have any other utility stones or diamond stones.  Can I get by with just a diamond stone, or do I need something more?  Do I need a guide with the diamond stone?  What is the proper technique in deburring?  I have seen many tutorials, but some show people running the diamond stone after the filing/sharpening, others say before to remove burrs.  I have also seen someone run it flat against the base and edge side, while someone else ran it along the actual edge, kind of at a 45 degree angle...  

Just looking for a little guidance.  Thanks! 
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Deburring is simple. All you need is a Gummi stone (about $4-$8), available at any ski and most sporting goods shops.

Everyone's technique varies, but I "scrub" mine up and down the edges, keeping it flat against the bottom and side edges and only do the 45 degree thing if there continues to be a hanging burr that won't come off. The Gummi works well with a light touch.

You should check the edges and deburr as needed after every ski day to keep things running smoothly with minimal work.
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