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Xanadu doomed ??

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Cabela's announced today that they were probably never going to open a store.  Probably the nail in the coffin because the outdoor "dog & pony show" was supposed to be the anchor and big draw for the ski portion.

I mean this thing much less anything never stood a chance in New Jersey to boot IMHO.  Last year some wacker wanted funding to put in some kind of sea-world thingie.  Minor issue was that they would probably have to pipe water from like five miles off shore to get away from the pollution and NY garbage dumping.

Eastern politicians know we are stupid.  Just last week the NY boys were harping about how they can't dump snow from city streets into the Hudson.  My God, the snow is polluted and they have to collect it, melt it on special trucks and then sent it for treatment.  Yeah, they send it to the regular water treatment plant.  What happens when it gets warm and the snow m-e-l-t-s ??????
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That is one FUGLY building that is half completed.  I'm taking my son to see those inept Nets tonight, so I'll see it again.  Nets are goiing for win #4, BTW.
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