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Review - Volkl Bridge - 185

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 Myself - 5'11, 185lbs, level 7/8 skier.

Pick up last years model (same as this years- just a different graphic). 
I have the 185 mounted with Rossignol Axial 14s all the way back over "boot center" for 315 BSL. Flex- Medium in the tip, Medium to stiff underfoot, slightly stiffer in the tail. After 30 full days the build quality seems good, Just the typical top sheet scratches and chips. 

Approaching 30 days so far this season I have had a chance to log lots of vert in every possible condition on these.  

Hard pack - They hold an edge very well and are fast edge to edge, definitely prefers longer, fast, GS type turns. I have yet to find a speed limit and with it's stiffer tail it has good energy out of the turn. Super fun. 

Crust/Windblown - These work really nicely in these types of conditions. They are stable and cut through crust and hold an edge very well.  

Moguls - This is when I wish I had the shorter length(179?). I'm far from a competent mogul skier so I don't really want to comment but I would imagine that the 185 is a bit long to ski moguls well. They are probably also a little stiff. 

Crud/ Tracked powder - Solid underfoot, stiffer flex really lets them shine here. You can really open it up and still feel confident.  Maybe a bit hooky but it's to be expect for a ski with this much sidecut. If you can learn to be soft on your feet and and make big turns just skipping over everything you will be happy. 

Powder - I definitely feel like I could use a little more float so i'm in the market for a powder specific ski. Generally they float ok. Too much shape for a powder ski so they don't want to slarve/pivot that easily. As long as you carry some speed though and the trees don't get too tight they are pretty fun. When the terrain gets slow and tight you have to be good at unweighting the skis in order to be able to throw them around. Have to really stay aware and really hold your balance centered or you will dive the tips. Keep in mind that when I say "Powder" I mean 12-18" of nice fairly dry snow. It's only when the snow gets deep that I wish I had something wider. If it's just been a small snowfall overnight than these skis handle it very nicely.  
Summary - If you ski somewhere that doesn't typically receive big snowfalls and you spend around 50% of your time on piste then this ski would make a very nice one ski quiver. If you ski somewhere that does receive big snowfalls and you spend a majority of your time off piste then I would go with something wider. It would also be ideal for the second or third day after a storm when everything is tracked and your skiing a lot of crud. Mounting point feels good. 
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tmay, I'm curious about where you tested out the Bridges.  This will give me an idea of what you consider hardpack.
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By hardpack I don't mean ice but I also don't mean packed pow, i'm talking about just nice groomed grippy snow.
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Good review, Tmay.  I think this sums up the ski very well.  I use it for all mtn. skiing and fresh snow up to a 6 or 8 inches.  More than that...I get on something wider.  I think one could grab this ski and something upward of 110-115 underfoot and have a really nice 2 ski quiver.  I don't think you would need a whole lot else.  I ski a lot of moguls as well.  Though this ski is fairly wide for that application it still does a pretty nice job if you can stay on it and be aggressive.  For its competition in this class of ski..it is a very strong ski.  
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