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Reno / Tahoe 1/19 - 1/21

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I'll be in the Reno / Tahoe area for what looks to be some epic storms.  Unfortunately, my hotel is in Reno.  Can anyone familiar with the commute tell me if the Reno /Squaw Northstar shuttles run in periods of heavy snow?  Would I be better served at Northstar if heavy snow and winds are blowing through the area?  One thought I had was to eat a nights lodging in Reno and bunk up in either Tahoe City or Truckee.  Any advice would be appreciated.  This was a last minute trip with some (minor) objections from my lovely wife, so I had to do it on the cheap.  I looked into 4WD out of RNO and the cost was absurd.  Thanks for your help!
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Hi - we go to Tahoe every year - you'll love it! 
The Reno-North Lake area shuttles try to run even in bad weather, but they can be turned back by road closures that they have no control over. If you can get a small cheap car w/ chains - you get the chains, all stores sell them, some places sell/install for you as well. I'd do that were it me. 4WD is ungodly $.
If you see a storm  in the way, get a room in No. Lake somewhere - there are lots of small mom & pop places that aren't too $ up there. Truckee doesn't have too much that isn't $$. The commute from No. Lake to Squaw is minimal, even in snow. More of a chance that you could get there, or to Northstar if it snows.
Squaw is windy. Tram lands you way up, past tree line, it's brutal sometimes. Northstar is more protected, not a bad ride from No. Lake/Tahoe City, and the ride up the mtn. is less likely to close due to wind.
Alpine is a great place to ski - very near Squaw but more relaxed, less attitude, lots of varied terrain.
Restaurant at the top of Northstar is excellent for lunch - lots of great indy beers and wonderful specials. It's usually the only place we buy lunch when we go out.Anything else, let me know..
Have fun you lucky s%!t!  ;)

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Thanks for the tips.  I've skied some deep before, but this looks like it will be somethinf special
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