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I'm 5'9", 175#'s and somewhere in the budding expert/level 6 category.  Basically, I'll ski and enjoy anything in the Northwest but I suck really bad at the bumps...hate em really.  I get uncomfortable on steep chute 2 diamonds outside of my comfortable NW haunts.  I've had a long time off of alpine skiing with 3 small kids instead being pulled behind me back-country for about 5 years.  Prior to this, I was in school working too hard and earning too little $ to ski much or afford to buy my own.

My first non-rental skis: 2007 snoop daddy's.  Skied 2 seasons.  Absolutely love them but my comparison is to demos and rentals...

I have a bum right knee...dislocates very easily.  The lightness of the Snoop's has been amazing for my knee.  I've had great days in knee high powder in the steeps and felt reasonably under control on the most icy/hard packed frozen tundra.  I'm sure something like the AC3 would feel better on those days, but the skiing isn't all that great anyhow.

I'm very curious about the boom of fatty's out here.  I'm beginning to contemplate AT (tele is murder on my knee) with some buddies but haven't tried it yet.  I'm aware the Snoops may make a great AT setup.

If I WERE to move the '07 snoops to AT with some freerides or some such, would a prudent next ski in the quiver move be:
2010 Snoops...93mm underfoot, twin-tips and hopefully all of the goodness I've enjoyed with the 07's

I'm not inclined to move into a plow through anything carver or more powerful (I'm guessing heavy) ski necessarily.  The heavier the ski on my right foot the more any unexpected torsion of my knee seems to occur.  It is surely technique, but where my technique fails it's nice to have a little help down there.  I do realize one day all hell is going to break loose accidentally don't have a surgical option so there you go.

Thanks for the thoughts.