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Question for Whislter/PNW locals

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I'm meeting up with a crew and staying in Bellingham during the Olympics.  We've got tickets to events in Vancouver and at Cypress, but we're interested in attempting a trip to Whistler.  None of us have ever been.  I fully expect the border and sea-to-ski to be a mess.  So, how feasible is this?  Is driving even an option or do we need to get on the bus? 

Also, a couple of us get to stay until the week after the Olympics, but transportation becomes more of an issue.  Other than renting a car, what's the best way to get to Whistler from Bellingham for a couple of nights?

Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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 Hi Badger.  You won't be able to drive the Sea to Sky without a vehicle permit.  Unless you can borrow one or rent accommodation up at Whistler there's no way to get one.  Transit may be your only option.  If you don't have tickets to an Olympic event at Whistler you won't be able to access the official transportation network.  You may want to look into alternatives such as Greyhound and Ridebooker.com  

Here's a link for transportation info for the games:


I would fully expect the border to be a mess.  It usually is at the best of times.  Best of luck and hope you have a great time!


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You will be unable to drive up Highway 99 between the hours of 6am to 6pm, but if you have somewhere to stay and park your car, you could drive outside of those hours and park up during the day.

Not very feasible, but doable.....

Cross border transportation, I would say the Greyhound is your best option.
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There is no public parking at Whistler during the Olympics. Zero. So the only way they could drive up outside the official hours is to have a guaranteed parking place, at someone's house, in Whistler.

As already said you can't use the official Olympic bus network without an event ticket, but there are other buses you can use. They're recommending you make reservations on them. Look at the Whistler website--they have the links.


After the Olympics, I'd just rent a car. There are buses that leave from the Vancouver Airport and I think downtown Vancouver, but it sounds like a hassle to bus or train to Vancouver, take public transit to the bus pick up point, then bus to Whistler. The road is rarely bad--you don't need an SUV--and a compact car whose seats fold down to accomodate skis can't cost that much.

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Thank you for your responses. You've been very helpful.
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 The trip from Bellingham to Whistler by car takes 3 hours with a short border wait and reasonable traffic.  The border waits won't be short and if you use transit it will take even longer.  I would guess your trip would be about 5 hours one way.

If you want to ski Baker, send me a PM and we'll see if we can make it happen.
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