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Weekend Warrior

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Weekend Warrior –

Upper level skiers/racers will go to know end to improve their skiing through alignment and equipment.

However most people that really are weekend warriors and I salute them. These skiers are begging the forum for a simple concise way to improve their alignment and boot fit without exercises and special boot grinding etc. so they can have a good time and get the most out of their skiing from the base they are at currently. Right or wrong in my eyes or yours they simply want to ski better and have fun doing it without putting a lot of extra effort into it. These skiers want to walk into a ski shop and understand what they are looking for and be able to determine reasonably whether the shop they are in can provide what they need. Keeping that it mind can we provide a simple checklist for those skiers.

I will start the list. Please remember this is for the ease of the weekend skier and not you and I! The order may be changed from time to time but in the end I would like to see us keep it very simple but increase the knowledge of our weekend warriors.

When you sit down to try on a pair –many pair really- of boots the shop should remove your socks and roll up you pant leg and really look at your feet and your legs. A shop person should have some reasonable understanding about anatomy of the leg/ankle/foot.

(This is not to say I am not learning an awful lot from the great discussion we are having. I just feel a void for these skiers.) [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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You would be supprised, but some of the weekend warriors would spend more to "get it right" than some pros/racers.

I suspect you are asking for the best bang for the least buck approachs? I'll suggest a first step one. I'm sure others will be offered as well.

Go to ski school and request a private lesson with most knowledgable alignment pro avaliable. They will inquire as to your motivations and skiing goals (what you would like to do that you feel you can not). In evaluating your skiing, and by having you do some balance and movement tasks, they can get a picture of your "net" alignment/movement inter-relationship to evaluate if, and how, your present overall alignment allows or prevents you from achomplishing your skiing goals. Based on your motivations, they will make recommendations. If you are in the ballpark, maybe lessons are your best investment (tere are many pretty good skiers with alignment issues that have simply discovered the more efficient compensating movements). If you are skewed to the extent that desired movements are inhibited, you should get a recommendation for a qualified shop for further assesment.

What you should get at the very least a great ski lesson from a top pro very personally focused to your needs (a good investment in of itself). You should come away knowing if you can keep improving with current setup by simply learning more efficient movements, or if you are truly alignment inhibited relative to your goals and motivation. This evaluation process is non-invasive alignment wise: leaves what is, as it is. If further in shop evaluation is indicated, input from on snow evaluation can help the shop technician in their indoor investigation. Should you to need, and decide, to spend more, you will also have established a source for important follow-up on snow if you do get aligned by in-shop process.

This suggestion is only a high level approach, but not a bad place to start and it leads to logical options based on your motivation, and budget.
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I'll second Arcmeisters suggestion.

I've had repeated problems with ATTEMPTED ski shop fixes. All a waste of time & money.

ALL the best fixes have been due to good lessons with an instructor who was REALLY into alignment.

I have a pretty bad foot problem(still unresolved as it is a bit tricky to fix) but can still ski pretty well despite that & its associated alignment problems on that leg.
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