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Steamboat Tree & Mogul Skiing

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I haven't been to the 'Boat yet this year, but am skeptical as to the snow conditions what with an advertised base of 35".  That may be good for all the freeway skiers who ski all the runs that the resorts manicure diligently to entice the vacationers to come, but for anybody that likes to ski the moguls or in the trees, like in Shadows or the Christmas Tree bowls nature has to provide the goods.  I need somebody who skis non-groomed runs frequently at Steamboat to tell me if I can bring my good skis for MLK weekend or if I should bring the "rock" skis because of all the expected damage.  Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Got to SB today.

Bring the rock skis and sharpen the edges.

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We were there over the new year and left on the 3rd.  The trees back in Morningside and under Sunshine Express were good.  Still lots of stuff sticking out under the Sundown and Pony Express lifts.  I don't think they have gotten much of anything anything since we left.  We had two nice storms while we were there so we had some boot to knee deep stuff in some of the trees but the groomers were quickly skied off back down to ice.

Unfortunately mother nature is not cooperating this year.
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Thanks snofun3 and illibuck, appreciate you both replying and giving me a birdseye view.  I keep hoping the powder will come, but this year is really turning out sad.

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