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Coming up empty

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I went to check out the current deal on Tramdock a few minutes ago and found this. Nothing for sale today
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 Must have been a temporary error, they are selling once again. Sick Lange WC boots up for sale right now, actually, for $189 which is a STEAL.
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good deal......my size is almost never offered
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Yeah, that's most likely just a small error. Have you tried going there again? Refresh is your friend.
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They were trying out some new software this morning.  Apparently something to do with not showing the deal page to spammers or other abusers of the site ... Seems the algorithm was a little too aggressive.

Working now, but a little QA would have been nice before launching it on the whole customer base
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Damn, my wallet (and my wife) were feeling a little bit relieved when I thought they ran out of stuff to sell.
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