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Scott skis, anyone?

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Over here in Europe, Scott skis such as the Mission and Punisher have been getting very good reviews in recent years, but I can hardly find a mention of them on Epic. Are they not widely available in North America? If anyone is familiar with them (particularly the 2 mentioned above and the Neo) and can give me some comparisons with Dynastar and Head models, I'd be very interested.
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Scott Aztec Pro's rip groomers and crud.
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I have the Mission, if you were here you could buy them, cheap!
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Ive seen some p3's on ebay but have never been able to get ahold of a pair. Never seen anyone skiing scotts though.
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Strange, it must be that they're not widely marketed in the US. I assumed they were an American brand, although I know the skis are actually made in Austria (I believe by Fischer).
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I ski Scott P4s as my everyday soft snow boards. I see a few other pairs of them around my home hill.
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I am 6.1, 200 lbs, age 57, level 7, skiing since age 5, 50-80 days a year and one will not find me on the runs except to cross to go from one tree patch to another. I ski Heavenly, Kirkwood and Sierra in Ca.
I have the Crusades in 179 and the Punishers in 181cm. (Also Atomic EX, Fisher AMC 76, Head Monster 78, Atomic M11, Atomic B5)

To distinguish between the 2 skis is really simple. If you like a Cadillac ride get the Crusades, if you like a BMW ride get the Punishers (as I understand it, the Mission is practically a Punisher without the twin tip, whereas the new Missions are 145 115 135 which is hugely different than previous years) 
Both perform in the woods exceptionally smooth, whereby the Punisher wants to be tamed a bit more, the Crusades are a bit more forgiving. The Punisher is what I call a bit more squirrely. Unless you intend to ride in the park, set the binding backward 1" from center on both skis - carving becomes more stable. The Punishers want to be ridden fast and seems to have a better hold on icy conditions. The Crusade is a purring pussy cat at any speed.
I have killed my Crusades this year in Heavenly going over to little coverage and the edges are one boulder scratch away from unraveling. I am already looking for a replacement. The Crusade is without any doubt the best ski I have ever skied and I will get it in 189cm.
My wife is 5.7, age 55, and she skis on the Crusades in 169 and wants to get the 179.
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I have been lurking here for 2 years and this has goated me into joining. I ski about 120 days a year and about 90 days on the Mission it is one of the best all around soft snow skiis there are. About 30 % of our snow sports staff are on them. 
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 30%!? What resort is this?
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