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MISSION: 50 Resorts in 100 Days, open to suggestions

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Some former ski bums friends and I are attempting to ride 50 resorts over 100 days.  We kicked off in Utah and are heading to Southern Cal this weekend before heading up north to Mammoth/ Tahoe, then on to Oregon, Wash, Montana.... then we'll see.  We have an ideal route but aren't sticking to a rigid plan, if it's snowing we're staying lol. It's been great so far but would love any insider tips, as we will be exploring some new destinations.  I've always used this site for some great ski info, so  Dawg, I apologize if you only want gear discussions on your site.

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 i agree
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If you really want to do 50 resorts, you should focus your attention to Tahoe and SLC which both have a heavy concentration of resorts within a short drive.  Tahoe has around 15 resorts and SLc had another 15.
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Concur with the Tahoe, SLC area..   You could actually pull it off..  You OWE it to yourself to hit areas like Big Sky, Taos, Jackson Hole, and alot of the greats in CO like Steamboat, Telluride, etc...   My bro and I storm chased a couple of years ago, we flew from AK, to SLC to Jackson Hole To Steamboat, to ID, and back to SLC after a huge dump there...  Quite the trip.... 
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Thanks for all the advice everyone! We just spent a week around SLC (Canyons, Snowbird, Solitude, Sundance, Powder Mtn) and are headed to Southern Cal today to get our RV, then it's back up to Tahoe for probably 2 weeks. Just found out they're calling for up to 10 FEET (errr cement) from Sun- Wed!! We posted a fun little blog, I included the link below. Mntlion- those are some great places in Canada, but my two friends are still waiting on their new passports & we're trying to iron out some logistical issues.  Thanks again!


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My legs hurt just thinking about it, but sounds like a lot of fun 
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During the 99/2000 season I did a similar trip in 3 different legs from my home base in Tahoe.  I ended up skiing about 30 different areas in the Western US & Europe.  3 years ago I added a leg starting in Utah going north into interior British Columbia with some of the areas that are mentioned above.  It will be fun to check out your blog as your trip progresses.
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Sorry for the delay guys (if anyone is still following).  It's kinda hard to find internet whilst living in an RV lol.  Skylolow- my legs are seriously aching (from Tues-Fri) after catching this big storm that blasted Northstar!  We met a guy in Truckee the other day that actually saw our website...kinda funny/random actually.  4ster & 1SDskier- sounds like you had some epic trips! Our "100 days" is also on Facebook, feel free to look us up & post some stories if you're feeling a lil nostalgic...we'd love to hear your stories too!
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I checked out your blog and enjoyed it.  Love the concept of RVing around to a bunch of places and reporting daily on the scene at each.  It took me a while to pick-up on fact that you guys are connected with www.thesnowjunkies.com  I think the premise for that site is outstanding too...to freely share data on publicly available ski/ride bargains throughout the country.  Happy trails.
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