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Will 2 pairs of socks make my feet slip inside of boots?

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I wear a light 'under sock' and then a heavy wool sock on top and inside of my boots (of course).

Will wearing two pairs of socks cause my feet to slip inside of my boot and reduce performance?
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Actually, in the old days, we used to wear two pairs of socks.  Ski boots were a little more primitive and poor-fitting then, though.  The way that boots are designed today, if you have the proper sized-boot, you shouldn't need more than one light to mediium weight good quality sock.
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I'd think your reducing your performance if you can even fit a heavy wool sock inside your boots.  I use one pair of the thinnest ski socks I can find, and it's a squeeze to get my feet in.
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Yep.  Kevin nails it. 

The problem is, if you use the right sized sock, the boot will probably be sloppy.  You might be able to work with a bootfitter to modify your liner to make them fit, but making a boot smaller is a difficult task.
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 The sad news is if you want performance from your boots, your current ones are much too big.  You may be able to solve the problem by a replacement liner. To check, take the liner out of the boot and using a thin sock, place your foot in the shell.  Buckle the shell on the second buckles and slide foot forward.  If you can fit more than 2 fingers behind your heel, you will want a new boot if you are looking for a performance improvement.  As Kevin and Walt said, you should be skiing in a thin pair of ski socks with maybe a medium pair for when it warms up.
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Yeah, what they said, if you look in the boot forums, under Check List for Fitting, rule # 1 is that you just have one, thin, clean ski sock in the boots.



I have learned through experience that it is not simply a performance issue but also cold air can get in between layers of socks and you will actually end up having colder feet than if you just had on one thin pair. 

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Thanks everyone, I'll try only one pair of medium thickness this weekend.
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 Do you rent boots? If so, try to get a pair that fits with a thin or medium ski sock, but if you own boots that you've been using with two pairs, maybe you should keep using the thick sock with liner, until you get a new pair. Try them on with a medium sock, but the boots may be too big to wear with less socks.

I skied several years in a pair that required very thick socks. While I knew that was not an ideal situation, I skied better those seasons than at any other time in my life, Despite the boots, not because of them.

Just wanted to say skiing in boots that require an extra pair of socks is not the end of the world, it can be very fun.

On the other hand, if your boots hurt, take them off. A bone spur or bunion can get started and cause problems the rest of your like. Ski boots have damaged my feet, but not that pair of too big Scarpas. :)
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If your socks are too thick and make your boots too tight then this could disaffect circulation which causes your toes to get cold. Never heard of the two socks getting cold air between them. Ski socks usually go high on the shin well inside your pants.
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