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Thanks for your response to the questions.

Ed, Gravity:
I'm interested to know how slalom courses have changed (if so). Can you compare a course set today with one of 2 years ago or are they apples and oranges?

Also, enough with the questions, what do you want to talk about with the world cup?


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New school slalom sets.

I’ll confine my comments to USSA Age Class, Ability, and FIS level racing in Rocky Mountain (RMD).
A few basics:

No rules have changed at either the USSA or FIS levels regarding any facet of slalom setting. However, there is no rule regarding offset distance. You can make a turn as round or as straight as you want.

Course setting is a very personal thing. Every one of our coaches has a signature in their sets. Some set rhythmical, some quirky with unusual combinations (hair pin, and delay sets), some very fast, some more back and forth. Also, course setters who are on bitsy slaloms themselves, set rounder than those still skiing straight cut skis. Lower level coaches tend to set tighter and less round.

The lower the level, the simpler the set. In a game between the course setter and the racer, the course setter will always win. It is fairly easy to set a “legal” course that is almost impossible for anybody to get through. Of course, that is not the point.

I haven’t seen any significant or consistent changes in Age Class setting. KISS seems to prevail. Every now and then, we will see someone set too round a set for this age group. This applies to races, not training.

I guess I’ll talk about what we used to set and compare that with what we do now. Two years ago a typical set on our race hill was 8-10 M vertical with 2-3 M off set. I would typically set 10 vertical with mostly 2 and a few 3 M offsets. Now, 10-12 M vertical (occasionally 9M) with 4-4.5 and even 5 M offsets is common. We held a USSA masters race this weekend. One of our coaches set a 12.5M vertical with 5M offsets. This is pretty consistent with what most of the European coaches were setting on this hill during their Fall training. With sets like this, it is not possible for a conventional slalom ski to consistently ski this offset without lots of skidding. The early November Super Series at Loveland had fairly similar sets. They didn’t have more offset, but the men’s course often went to 13M. The course setters were Canadian and US Ski Team Coaches.

Incidentally, we use 27 mm shafts on bucket gates for races; screw in’s are only used for training. FIS made us use screw in’s for the Super Series. If we can use bucket gates we’ll hold the Super Series again next year.

If this sounds like almost GS skiing, you’re right. However, GS courses are getting to be so round, that the skis won’t carve them any more. If you can, look at the St. Anton men’s GS and compare it to the Albertville Olympics. The men had to ski the course the same way. In case you didn’t know, FIS has restricted the amount of side cut radius to 21M. You can download all the FIS rules at www.fis-ski.com.
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Thanks Ed

Is there a source where can I get footage of past races? It seems good racing tapes are hard to find. I have the USSCA tape of winning run highlights from 97-98. I'm a little reluctant to get the next years because the music is so awful! (Why do people still think they have to drag the synthesizer out of the garage to make a ski movie!?)
I could see where comparing slalom of 97-98 to 99-00 could be quite informative assuming shorties were used for most of that season.
So maybe I'll purchase.
What I'd really like to get is that tape of the men's gs and slalom from 97/98(?). It's set to music with no narration but has captions and includes slo motion sequences. Music is by Supertramp etc. Excellent tape! Very inspiring. I don't think it's for sale though.

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Nice explanation of the changes in SL setting. Relative to the number of gates, it is my experience that most slalom courses now contain the absolute minimum of gates or sometimes less. Some use the term superslalom. One comment on the minimum radius for GS skis. I believe I heard that this rule was introduced too late as many of the ski manufacturers already were into production and it was agreed that the 21m radius would not be enforced this year.
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Try ditching your midfats for awhile and only skiing ice. Seek out ice, ski the icy stuff between the bumps. Don't ski bumps or soft steep stuff for a while. Work on eliminating the pivot (steering) that you use on the super steep.
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