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Swix CT1 Mach pole

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First of all, reviewing a pole feels vaguely silly.  A pole is a pole..  But here is a short report.  I broke my old carbon fiber pole on the first weekend of the season (it just snapped in two after a minor hit by a chair), so I went shopping to the Starthaus.  I was looking for something like the Scott Series 4, but then SJ showed me the Swixes that were on clearance for about the same price, so I went for them.  For 95% of its length it is the best pole I have ever had.  Stiff, light, beautifully made with clean attractive graphics.   It dampens vibrations better than anything I used by a good margin.   I even warmed up to the gimmicky yellow ADD tabs that presumably let you relax your grip and still keep the pole in a proper position.  

So far so good, now we come to the last 5% of length.  It turns out that the ferrule on those poles is pretty short and kind of thick (shorter than the picture shows).  First, it makes it hard to keep the poles stuck in the snow (they tend to fall out and that is pretty annoying).  The poles also came with tiny racing baskets that were not that useful for free-skiing, so SJ set me up with a pair of replacement powder baskets.   A combination of a short ferrule and a relatively wide plastic basket is deadly on icy steeps where you tend to plant your basket edge instead of the pole tip.  I actually missed a couple of critical turns because I just scraped the basket along the snow, and one instance could have been pretty scary.   I am either going to change the basket back to a smaller one (which will be hard because I had to cut the old one off) or most likely just pick up a pair of Team Issues.

Bottom line
- Best carbon pole ever made, but beware of the issues with ferrule lenght/basket size. The price is also totally insane if not buying on sale. 
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I started skiing w/swixes last year and concur it is a Great pole, light, lively, and really good at dampening vibrations...  Concur w/the short ferrule, had a similar experience last year at Mammoth off chair 22, where I missed or slipped a plant and it was scary, up on 1 ski on a steep section of Avi 2..  Wish they made the ferrule longer and sold them with a little bigger basket...
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