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FOR SALE: Seven pairs of lightly used higher end ($$$) goggles from Carrera, Briko, Oakley, Smith and Spy (I'm not sure of the model names, I know the Carreras are Kimeriks). All are in very good condition with some minor scratches on lens. Would prefer to sell them together but may consider separating. I'm open to reasonable offers, if interested send me a PM.

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Would you ming writing what is written on the two carrera lenses?
The last row side by side...

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They both say Kimerik Polar C, one is a yellow tint the other is a rose color tint.

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If the lenses are in great shape, let me know if you will break up the set,
I would like the rose one, or the two depending on price.

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I have an offer on the entire lot, I'll keep you posted.
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Sale pending!
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