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atomic blackeye ti for a larger guy?

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I am just looking for some ideas for what to check out for a next set of skis... i still have my first set of skis - a clearance sale $100 set of k2 eclipse 3500's in 167cm and i think im outgrowing them... i got 3 seasons of use out of them so i am more than happy with them.


I am 26yo, 5'10 ~250lbs and i would say a level 6ish (on the way to 7) skier... i do some of the easier blacks, and every blue without a problem. i ski faster than avg but not crazy fast or anything.

i am on the east coast (NY & some VT mtn's) and skiing mostly on groomers but i would like to expand onto other parts of the mtn. and i hate when i actually get to see some powder and my skis sink right in it.


so i have been eyeing the Atomic Blackeye Ti's -- mainly because from what i have been reading it seems like a good 'all mountain' ski for my needs. skewed more toward on piste, and that im larger than average. I am thinking a length somewhere around 175cm might work for me - based on calculators and such (although i havent skiied anything except the 167 i have now) i think the Ti is only in 171 and 178... i dont know which way to go on that one bigger or smaller. i want to get a ski with the integral bindings and i am definitely looking to move up to ski anything the east has to offer.


what do you guys think about this specific ski? any other ones that are good for a larger guy?

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The Atomic Blackeye TI is a great choice for eastern ski. Holds well on ice and great in bumps. The 2010 TI version is stiffer than the 2009 non-TI version – better on cruise, loose a bit of forgiveness in the bump. If you find the 2009 blackeye, get it ($250 @ Northern ski work) or the 2010 TI ($800) - both in 171 cm. The TI layer gives it some kick for a level 6/7 skier. I am 5’/6” 160 lb, 70+ days /yr. . The 2009 blackeye 164 cm is my bump ski of choice for Killington and Taos - smooth & silky.
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you think it would be too much to start with the Ti?  for the price i almost cant consider it now that i think about it...

do the non-Ti's have the integrated bindings?
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Get last year’s blackeye (Demo $250 to $300) - smoother ski for level 6/7 without the tail rebound issue. Usually the new skis can be had with an Atomic Neox 412 binding. The 2010 Neox toe & heel pieces slide off to reduce weight (Airline). As for demos, whatever is on them. On demos – must check the thickness of the edges to see how much ski is left. I got a almost new pair for $250 in Dec. Anyway, most people never ski out their ski anyway, they just get tire of staring at the same graphic. The TI layer makes the ski stiffer & adds torsional rigidity to allow for better edge hold on ice & high speed cruising. In fact, unless pure carve turn is your bag, the 2009 blackeye is a better bet – more forgiving.
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hmm interesting.

good advice- thanks!

now i just gotta find a decent pair of used... i only found one in my length but it looked a little more used than i would like and was $310.

ill be keeping my eyes peeled.
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 Hey - I just picked up the 2008/2009 Nomad Blackeye on Ebay for 400 bucks plus 25 shipping. Still in wrapper!  I'm 6', 225 lbs, ski mainly in PA's pococnos, & these skis are awesome!  Highly recommend!
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i found a pair of flat blackeyes for like 300 new in wrap.

i called the retailer and he told me that you would need to drill holes for the bindings.

do the 08/09 blackeyes have two models - one with integrated bindings and one flat? or is it only the Ti that is integrated now and all 08/09 blackeyes i find will esentially be flat skis with drilled and mounted bindings?
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 Hey fixxxer0 - got your pm, but the forum won't let me respond cause I don't have enough posts!  I got the 178's from a ebay store with the Neox 412 integrated binding.  Judging from your weight & skiing ability, I would recommend you also get the 178's.  I went from 160's & I am happy that I did.  Good luck!
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I'm 5'7", 190 lbs and ski the 2010 Blackeye in 171cm, its a very neutral well damped ski. It needs to be powerd to work well. With your extra mass the 178 should be fine as long as your aggresive, if not the 171 will work#
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This is similar to my situation ( different post with no responses) - same skill level and ski locations, and heavier.  I hadn't considered the Blackeye as it was rated as more advanced/expert ski and thought that for a 6/7 skill level, the Blackeye would be to much ski.  Is it that not really a concern, and does the weight counter that?

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Originally Posted by Spensar View Post

I hadn't considered the Blackeye as it was rated as more advanced/expert ski and thought that for a 6/7 skill level, the Blackeye would be to much ski. 

I think what most people seem to be saying is that between the Blackeye and the Blackeye Ti, the Ti is more expert geared than the standard Blackeye, and therefore would be loss forgiving to someone who does not have the best form and skills.

most things i have read seem to indicate the Blackeye (non-Ti) is a good ski for someone who is looking to advance out of the higher end of the intermediate spectrum into 'advanced'. 

i  want to ski better - not stay the same.  and from what i have heard i think this ski will accomidate my needs.
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I'm a 5'11 240 lbs advanced intermediate skier & I just bought the 2010 Atomic Blackeye Ti's 171cm about a week ago. I've only skied in them once but let me tell ya...PURE EXTACY!!! I love 'em & could be happier with the way they hold my height, weight & perform. The control these skis have & their ability to slow you down at the very second you demand it is awesome! I'm coming off of Atomic M2 Tron's 164cm & WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! No complaints here for sure! Good luck!

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I'm a wood core guy and didn't care much for the Blackeye or the Crimson (they use the Densolite core), but loved the Savage TI (which has a wood laminate core).  Well guess what?  Atomic agrees with me and next season all 3 will use their wood core.  So the Nomad series is going to be getting better from a core perspective, but watch out for their "adaptive camber" design (basically "resort rocker") that they're adding to the line for next season - I didn't like the loss of performance for carved turns.
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Noodler -- will "adaptive camber" be an option or the only choice for the Nomad series?  Why does it hurt carved turn performance?
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Adaptive camber will be on all models of the Nomad series (not an option).

Think of adaptive camber as tip rocker that "appears" when the ski is de-cambered (pressed flat against the slope or a floor).

Why does adaptive camber effect the hard snow performance?  I think it's because you can't apply as much tip pressure to the very front of the ski until it's mostly on its side.  Proponents of these new "resort rocker" designs say that the skis work just the same once you have them on edge.  For me the problem though is that you don't get the same feel when you first initiate the turn.  It takes longer for the tip to "bite" and build the pressure in the carve.  Thus turn initiation isn't nearly as crisp and quick.

The other thing I didn't like was the pronounced tip flap at speed that the skis now exhibit.  No matter how far forward my weight was or how much pressure I got to the shovels the tips just kept on flappin'.

I flat out told the Atomic reps that they broke the ski when I handed them back in.  They didn't say one word to me - utter total silence.
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Here is a pic of Atomic's adaptive camber (sorry it's not rotated):

2010-01-29 16.21.38.jpg
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Thanks.  You did a better job than either Ski magazine and the Atomic website in explaining this.  Now that I understand it, I don't think this is for me.  I'm kind of a "less is more" guy.

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so i ended up buying a pair of used 171cm Blackeyes, they were in great condition for a good price.

i got to ski on them today and they are a vast improvement to what i had before. 

i was at hunter mountain and the edge grip was great, especially on ice - which got worse as the day progressed - but i'd say conditions were pretty good overall. there was a fair amount of crud and it didnt phase the skis at all.   they were much faster than i expected, and very stable at speed.  i ended up going down many more blacks then i normally do and at speeds i never attempted before since these skis were much more stable.

i did take a run through some trees but there wasnt much snow in there, and of course i skimmed over a barely covered rock and scraped what was a pristine edge... oh well - all in all still a great day, and i'm very pleased with my purchase.

the tech adjusting my bindings at the mountain (who did a great job and actually took out all the torque wrenches and tested 3 released in every direction) asked if they were "too noodly for me" after flexing them on the bench with his hand, but i hadn't ski'd them yet.  i dont think i know exactly how to that question, but i would probably say no if he asked again.

sorry if everything is very subjective.  i dont think i know enough to give a real good 'review' and i honestly dont have much to compare the ski to, but i like them a lot. 
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