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Mary Jane Mogul Conditions

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Anybody out there in Barking Bear land live in Winter Park or Frazier and ski the Jane a lot?  I live a 3 hour drive away and was up there on January 4th and was horrified at the conditions of all the mogul runs because they were all littered with little trees and rocks, especially the last 25% or each run where all you could do is pretty much pick your way down through the trees.  I don't get too upset if I whack my new skis on an occasional rock, but I was tapping multiple rocks on every run I made throughout the day.  Basically, I don't want to make the drive unless all that great mogul skiing at Winter Park is available because I consider the freeway (groomed runs) skiing a waste of time and effort.  So, if anybody lives up there and loves to ski the moguls I'd like to hear from you as to what the conditions look like because we all know the resorts lie about this stuff.
Thanks, praying for a big powder dump,

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I don't live or ski there but the conditions in Northern Colorado haven't gotten better since the 4th.  They've gotten worse especially in the last three days with all the warm sunny weather which is going to last until next week at least.
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I was there yesterday on MLK day and stayed mostly on the blues on the WP side. Still pretty thin in the bumps. I had to take some interesting lines to avoid the dirt and trees in the bumps. I ended the day with a lot of very shallow scratches in my bases. So shallow that I'm not going to do anything but wax over them for next time.

The crowds were much smaller than I anticipated for a holiday Monday.  I rode up several times by myself, once with empty chairs in front and behind me in mid-afternoon, and the weather was beautiful.
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