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My first Skis were Kastle.  Bought them back in 1980. They were Kastle MID 195 cm, with Look 77 bindings.  Boy did I have some great skiing with those skis at Mammonth, Park City, &  Deer Run.  Those Austrian skis had a feel like nothing else I ever skied on.  It's great to see Kastle back in the mix of ski offerings this year, after a 10 year hiatus.

Those Look 77 bindings, I would trust anytime, anywhere.  I took a good tumble off the front face of Mammoth once, and they performed flawlessly in release.  Their ski brakes kept them close even on the steep slope.  I was none the worst for wear.

I dragged out my Kastle skis out from storage in the garage where I've had them hanging for the past 25 years.  Still look new.  For those of you who don't remember them, I'm including some pictures.  If anyone is interested, you could probably talk me in to letting go of them, but only because at 59 my legs won't handle the length anymore.

The shovel on these are 85 cm, with a Waist & Tail of 65 cm & 75 cm respectively.

I'd love hearing more stories of other people's experience with Kastle skis and if they found them to be as responsive
and great to ski on as I did.

Kastle MID 195 cm w/50 cm Poles    Look