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HI all;
I too am going on a vacation to Vail the first week of Feb. I am very aware of the conditions at the present time. The wife and I have been taking a "Western" ski trip for about 15 years or so. Our home base is VT skiing, (central and southern). We've been to Utah, many spots in CO and Tahoe.
Here's my take, (FWIW): only a couple of times have we "lost" and had lousy skiing. It doesn't seem to take but one storm to put it all back together out there. Here, when/if it snows, it pretty much slides off the icy manmade in a real hurry. You better be there to get the goods that day or the next, elsewise you're back to skiing on the hardpack. Out west, there is a much greater chance of a strom coming through and making for great skiing for at least a few days. Our snows here in the east are infrequent at best and many times after a storm we get a warmup and it'll rain and ruin everything, (especially when the next cold front freezes it to a bowling-ball hardness).
Am I going to cancel/postpone my trip? Naw...I'll chance it. If the day before we leave the long-range looks like no snow, I'll pack the old B2's.
Just my .02.