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Ski Pole Material

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I know ski poles come in a variety of materials and im not sure what i need/is necessary. I'm an intermediate skier who spends most of his time on the mountain and a small amount of time in the park doing jumps. What would you recommend? Only skiing probably 10 days a year tops
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It all depends on how you abuse them...

The higher the grade of the alloy the tougher they are to bend. Most racing poles have high grade/number alloy. Race baskets can be too small for deep powder though. but you can replace them
Carbon is nice too, but i did manage to cut one in two just above the basket that was an expensive loss.
I love lekis Trigger system, the old or the new is up to you. Both have pro and cons.
Current poles the leki GS Trigger S, love them but will take a bigger basket on those.
But all in all they are not real cheap, will set you back 50 to 100 usd.

Very basic you buy either good ones which will not easily bend or ell cheapos which will bend/break... Good ones can last 10years... easily.
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