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looking for the ski

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50 yo. 215 lbs 6"21/2   expert - looking for all mointain ski - to spent 50% time on the East and 50m % time on the West   USA slops

Any suggestions?
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Lots of good skis out their for what you want but as I truly believe, their is no magic bullet that one ski will do everything well.  I'm 50 also, 5'8" 165 lbs and ski a Volkl Mantra but I would not take this wide a ski out east.  For that I have an older Volkl AC4 or even my old 7-24's (70mm waist).  But if you're set on one ski for everything, check out the Volkl Unlimited 50, the K2 Explorer or any other good ski between 85 & 90 mm.  Should waist should give you enough for powder out west but let you cut the ice in the east. 

Sometimes I long for the days when your only decision was GS or S......
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