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Can someone explain to me how, either putting weight on the front
or the back of the boot, the biding would not release the foot in a twisting fall?

If I am weight over toes, or weight over heels, this does not prevent
the boot from exiting the biding.

So, if I am falling forward, I am putting lifting pressure on the
heel side to lift and eject, if I am falling backwards, the toe part
of the biding is free to release.

I wish videos of fall scenario's existed using torque
wrenches, etc, to demonstrate this...
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take a rod of some sort, a broom for example, have someone hold onto one end and hold as far away as you can. Try to push it laterally out of the persons hand... hard, right? Now move your grip up close to the other persons hands... much easier, right? This is leverage, your foot is the lever arm in a ski binding, when you are twisting forward your 'hands' are in close to the toe piece (your only source of lateral release in conventional bindings). When you are in a rearward twisting fall your 'hands' are far away from the toe piece, release values sky rocket and 'normal' heels don't sense ANYTHING because, as far as it's concerned,  all the force is going straight down. 

A couple of years ago I was mounting a ski for Sam VonTrapp, I asked what he wanted his DIN set at... he said "put 'em at 14". I said "uhhmm... are you sure? you weight about a buck-seventy, that's sort of high." he just looked at me and said "I won't fall slow."  When you ski like Sam that's not really a problem, for most of us lateral release at the heel can mean a very important improvement in safety. Another 'option' is, in a slow rearward fall... just fall. Don't fight it.

One thing I worry about with any safety equipment, like the KneeBinding, is how the user will perceive a release... will they call it a 'pre-release' and adjust the binding to prevent future release, there-by hamstringing the added safety? This is what happened to the Lange RRS system. It worked, which caused users to 'fix it' so it no longer worked.
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Excellent analogy with the broom handle.

However, the foot is still held my the same contact
points, so the twist leverage fources remain the same.

How does the rear motion move the center of lever
farther away from the toe lateral release?

The reason I asked is that, today on the slope,
in controlled situation where I could lower
myself slowly, I tried un biding in a twist motion
with the ski tail flexing up AND the ski nose
flexing up and did not notice any perceivable
change in release force. To front released
laterally in all situations.

Unless, the ski's weight and inertia itself is
added to the equation. Is this the case here?
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