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Bindings for Atomic REX ....??????

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Just a quick question regarding what bindings fit/best for Atomic REX.

I have Tyrolia's 'Power Select Freeride 8 'of which I was going to mount onto My REX's : I was told however that they were not compatible with the REX's or the Atomics in general because of the makeup of the ski. [img]tongue.gif[/img] (I'm assuming the predrilled slots for the appropriate binding dictate which binding is compatible ).

Do I need Atomic bindings for these skis? Any suggestions would be great.

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Any binding will work. Unlike a lot of Atomics, the REX will accept any binding as it does not have the Atomic specific plate.

I just mounted mine up with a set of Fritschi Freerides.
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Alta You Got yourself some Rexs? Way to Go. Your going to love that ski. Atomic makes a ski that can take a beating. Not That you are abusive to your skis or anything like That Ok now to the topic at hand. You can mount any binding you want on The Rex. I have the Look P12 on Mine. The brakes had to be bent out slightly. I would go with whatever Binding you like.
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I would recommend there Centric Binding I have them on my EX's and like the idea that I can change the feel of the ski by moving the binding. Use there binding i'm sure when you feel the difference you'll like it. I move it to the rear on powder days.
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Thanks for the replies:

Why was it when I went to the shop they advised me I couldn't use my Tyrolia's because of the prefabricated drill locations?

Try another shop perhaps?

Thanks again

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All they are are a bunch of small depressions in the top sheet. I don't believe that there is anything under there. However, I've seen REX's mounted with just about everykind of binding out there. Fact is, I've seen Atomics with the plates with different types of bindings on them. All it takes is a little bit of creativity by the person mounting the binders! I would be a tad nervious of a shop who doesn't know that you can mount Tyrols to your Atomics, take them someplace else.
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Sounds like thats the solution...Thanks again

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I have been told different things by different shops about whether the R:EX needs an wide brake. Does the R:EX need an extra wide brake (ie Atomic 412 EX binding) or can it have a binding with a regular width brake (ie Atomic Xentric 310)?
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I squeezed Marker 1200's onto mine. There seems to be good clearance, although the brakes dot interlock to carry the skis as easily as on my Volants. If they somehow get I-70 cleared of avy danger, I'll be able to get up to the mountains and try them out tomorrow and let you know how they are!
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