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This year compared to past?

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 Heading out for the annual Guys trip to Park City Feb 3rd.

Even though the the weather is unpredicatable, I am trying to compare snow accumulation with last year.

Anyone know a good site? Just trying to see what I should expect. Seems much lower when compared to last  year....

Almost thinking about canceling the trip if they don't get snow in between now and Feb.

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 Sure.. How about real data?

This graph shows the SWE (snow-water-equivalent) is sitting about 2/3 of last year, which was about average. 

But note how last year's came in bursts -- one good storm could catch up.  Have a little faith, brother.

I picked out the Thaynes Canyon sensor -- if I recall correctly, that is in PC.  (There are also Brighton and Snowbird sensors, by the way.)
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Looks like something is about to start in Utah later in the week....stay tuned.
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 Nice, let's hope it hits hard. With the economy how it is, some resorts can't afford a terrible year.

Thank you for the great replies all!
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