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When I purchased the Summit Pass, I told myself 7 days to cover all 3 mountains' pistes with awesome quality of snow is just about right. However, I did not expect the snow quantity is that scarce, only 35~40% in Breckenridge, 30~35% in Keystone, less than 25% in A-basin.

Having said that, I still consider myself lucky that we got a little snow on 17th and 23rd night, so I could have a corduroy of dry snow to have fun with! (While Mammoth has 65" of fresh snow from 10th to 14th:Q)

My trip started with a stop at the boot fitter, Jeff Bergeron from His shop is located inside the Norway Haus ski shop. I only have limited experience on skiing (3 days) and this was my first boot fitting... so I cannot provide any review with all the professional terminology on the fitting process.

But I can say this: Jeff was patient enough to explain each step of the exam's purpose, what to look for, and what he tried to achieve. Jeff also pointed out the Lange boots I got are more for the Caucasian's narrow type where my Asian food tends to run wider. My measurement is 28 with E~EE width, which limited my choices. He tried two boots but settled with the Tecnica Phoenix 100, and used some tool to scrape off a few mm of the shell around my pinkie area. He also adjusted the canting to make sure both feet have the same angle when transiting edge to edge.

The Norway Haus ski shop was kind enough to help me with my helmet problem by using some sorta mechanic sand ball to scrape off EP foam. This reminds me I still owe the owner $5 to make my head so comfy, which he said free of charge at first but I insisted on paying him for the awesome job... (But I only brought my ID and credit card:Q)

After an hour and half, I walked out the shop with happy feet:)

Every morning we drove from Dillon to these 3 resorts but one day got stuck in the car accident traffic on Hwy 9 to Breckenridge, which took us 45 minutes to pass it. Even I found some discount in Keystone ski resorts but staying at Dillon definitely served our purpose: close enough to all three resorts to drive everyday without feeling it a hassle.

Due to the snow condition, I didn't get any chance to try the back bowl everyone is talking about... So with the limited pistes available, one of my friends prefers Keystone to Breckenridge because of the layout and scenery. Each pistes are separated by trees, feel like more secluded; while Breckenridge is expansive but somewhat lack of view, just vast of white snow~
Keystone on Dec 22nd 2009

A-Basin is kinda tricky... It's small, old, no RFID scanning gun, no fancy restaurant, not much to see. We only skied half day then moved to Keystone. But somehow I love it~~ Free parking right at the bottom of the lift (not that many people on 24th), crossing over the ridge to find my own way down (or got stuck:Q)... I can see the potential of this small ski resort even though it only opened 25%. I will definitely go back and try its back bowl.
Arapahoe Basin on Dec 24th 2009

All in all, I had a great time with all these 3 ski resorts. It's like comparing apple to orange if you really ask me what's my favorite, but then I will say Breckenridge. I enjoyed the experience of skiing in Breckenridge, all the way from Peak 7 to Peak 10, then back to 7 then to the parking lot. Every peak has a bit of its own charm, different terrain and layout.

Hopefully before the end of this season, I will have another chance to go back and ski all mountains, to really understand what Keystone has to offer, maybe try out the Copper Mountain or further west to Vail & Beaver Creek. (and pay that $5...^_^)

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