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Keystone (Night only) - First time night skiing in Colorado and first time to Keystone.  It was cold (-24 on the car temp. guage), but the cold made the packed snow extremely fast.  Since only the front was open we hit all the cruisers they had open, and Frenchman was by far my favorite.  Nice rolling run, and on the hard snow you could really rip down the run.  After a couple hours the cold took over and we called it a night.

Breckenridge - Friday was by far the best day of the 3 we skied at Breck.  Started each day the same with a ride up the Snowflake (which proved to be a long, boring ride, but better than walking).  We headed over to Peak 7 the first day and hit virtually everything it had to offer.  Not a bad way to get the legs warmed up in the early morning.  The cruisers there were a little flat for my taste, but Pioneer was probably my favorite.  All in all, peak 7 was my least favorite, but probably had the best snow.

Peak 8 was pretty fun, I enjoyed Northstar, Duke's, Spruce, Callie's Way, & Crescendo.  Didn't spend a lot of time on 8 due to the lift lines, but pretty fun.  Coverage was pretty thin in spots, espicially ungroomed runs.  We did venture over to the 6 chair, but only hit a couple runs due to rocks.  One of my buddies took a pretty nasty scratch and we stayed away the rest of the trip.  It did look a little better the further away from the lift, but never did venture over that way.

We spent a lot of time on peak 9 on Sunday, and with the warm weather and clear sky, we enjoyed some of the great views from Volunteer, American, Peerless and Gold King.  For cruisers, those are pretty cool runs.  All of the cruisers on 9 were similar, and like peak 8, the ungroomed areas were pretty rough.  I didn't hit anything off the E Chair, because after riding up I couldn't believe it was even open.  Since I was breaking in a new pair of skis, I didn't want to ruin them on all the rocks that were visible.  I will also note, that Lower Lehman was horrible.

Peak 10 was by far my favorite.  Great views and runs.  Cimmaron was my favorite.  Great run.

We didn't have a single flake of snow, and I don't even think we had a cloud.  Would have made for better skiing, but still a great trip.  Breck is a cool town, and I would definately go again.