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Dalbello boot question

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1) what is the difference between the dalbello mx and mx super, performance wise

2) what boots did the mx turn into, ie is there a current dalbello boot that has morphed from the mx?

3) the mx fit me well, what current dalbello boots have the exact fit?  None? 
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 I think the MX Super is now called "Uggs" and I hear they are really comfy!

Steveys,  I really think you can find a boot that would ski much better and still be comfortable.  That boot was aimed at entry level skiers with actual skiing, very low on their priority list.  I honestly don't know which current model would match the MX? 
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It is part fo the rental line. Find a Dalbello dealer there are some great boots in thier line, that are price point, and ski, and fit well.
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