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New Western Resort Ski?

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 Hey I'm a 5'6 130 expert skier looking for a new western resort ski.  I live back East and make about 2-3 week long trips out West to various areas + ski another 5-10 days in Vermont a year.  For my new Western ski I've been looking mainly at the Prophet 100's and the Icelantic Nomad.  These skis will be used out West only but in everything, powder, trees, crust, cement, corn, etc. Suggest more please!
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What do you own now?

Why geographic definition of your skis?  Crust and cement might be OK with your favorite Eastern skis.  Get a powder/crud ski that you like a lot, and either bring the carvers along if that's the weather forecast, or rent carvers if they best suit the day.  I've skied all my years in the Rockies and West Coast, and I've chosen carvers many more days than I've chosen powder skis.

For a nearly-all-purpose ski, I like Dynastar Mythic Riders a lot.  The 165cm would work for you.

Your best bet is to buy a $20 subscription to Peter Keelty's realskiers.com site.  His ski reviews are the best I've seen anywhere.  Even then, you'll need to define what type of snow and what skiing style you prefer.  When I've been in the market for skis, I've found his subscription cost to be money very well spent.
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 I own k2 extremes in the 169 (what used to be the public enemy) as my carvers.  Just have been skiing them out West b/c I only starting going these past few years so I will bring those but I need some pow/crud skis as you said!
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 176 Katana does more than any ski should
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Planning your trip to coincide with western storms can be risky. I live west of Steamboat Springs. There are a lot of southern-tracking storms that we don't see. Conversely, The southern areas don't get all of the northern storms. My suggestion is to demo powder ski and try to determine what you want, then buy.

Rick H
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