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Conditions for MLK weekend

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I'm heading up to VT for the weekend, just skiing Saturday.  Staying in Rutland nad heading up Sat. night to Burlington.  Anyone got a handle on where the best conditions are, anywhere from Killington (or Pico) up to Stowe?  I was thinking Sugarbush but other reports I have read are not encouraging....
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 You probably can't go wrong anywhere. The snow sure is good here at Stowe right now. I'd guess it's a bout the same everywhere.
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Killington has great conditions and almost 100% open, looked like they were blowing a ton at Bear to get the pipe open maybe for this weekend, woods had good coverage, plenty of bumps and cruisers too. If you are staying in Rutland Sat night might as well hit either K or Pico- less crowds there.
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Thanks guys.  I would normally avoid K-ton but they may have the best conditions.

Anyone out there been to Sugarbush within the past few days?
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I was there about a week ago and conditions were alright, not great imho. We got about 4" of snow overnight, but even the next day you couldn't find much on the trails, and several of the blacks had pretty thin cover.

This was a 1-1.5 weeks ago, so take it with as much salt as you want
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I thought MRG was really good on 1/8/10.
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The Bush is 100% open with good coverage and moderating temps for this weekend which means soft snow. As usual, LP will be very busy, Mellon, not as much. Early lift at both mountains spin at 8.
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