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We just returned from a lovely weekend in the LCC; yes, I know, there's no snow, but it was still fun. Still mostly soft stuff if you stay in the shade, which means we skied lots of chute and gully things. I rarely know what anything is called; I just poke around and try to find fun terrain and decent snow, and hope I don't kill anyone in the process. Kids being kids, though, they want to know what they skied. "Something off the right of Supreme, I don't know" isn't cutting it.

So if you can identify, please help:

This is in the Cirque, past what I gather is the Upper Cirque -- which was almost all closed, I think ... there was one chute open at the end, then this opened up soon after that. Maybe the dead tree helps.

View from other side (note: we had just watched that guy at the bottom fall after his first or second turn and slide. all. the. way. down. I was afraid it would frighten my daughter, but no.... Isn't it fun to be a kid) :

This is looker's right of Supreme, and on the trail map it says White Squaw area. At least I think that's where we were. There are two gates off the main run; we went into the upper but they were out of snow once we started traversing, so we skied down to the lower and this was there:

Finally, I am not sure where this is. It was somewhere off Sugarloaf, maybe looker's left? Not even sure it has a name, just a fun little gully. I think we were on our way out of Cecret Saddle, but I could be mixing things up. -- edit: not just "out" of Cecret Saddle, but had skied it and were going to lunch.