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Boot footbeds in every-day shoes?

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Was wondering if those of you who have fancy footbeds for your boots wear them daily in your street shoes, hiking botts, moccasins, etc.
My ignorance on the matter suggests that keeping your legs/feet/hips/knees in propers alignment all the time is important. And I have no idea but I can not imagine that going back and forth, aligned and unaligned, can be good for the bod. Thoughts?
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I wear off-the-shelf insoles in my gym shoes but not my dress shoes. At the office, most of the time I am sitting, so it doesn't matter anyways.
I never have taken my custom ski boot insoles and put them in shoes. Not because I couldn't benefit from them but I don't want to wear them down. Customs are a lot more expensive than off-the-shelf variety. 

As far as alignment, it's a bit different in a ski boot as your foot and lower shin has a rather limited range compared to what you get in a street shoe. A ski boot is designed to support your foot and lower leg in neutral so that can you pressue a ski correctly. Footbeds help some in keeping your foot and anatomy supported. In daily life or in other sports, you have a much more free range of motion of the lower joints and the need for neutral is less of an issue. Sure it will help a bit and eliminate some fatigure but, for most people, I suspect that the effects of having a custom orthotic are not anywhere as pronounced as you would find in a restricted ski boot, where having good alignment is critical to the activity.
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I got a Surefoot footbed about 5 years ago and have had it tweaked a little too. Since then I've gone to off-the-shelf insoles for all my shoes, golf, exercise, tennis and every day work shoes. I've used Superfeet and Lynco.One pair of dress shoes would not allow the addition of an insole and my feet hurt every time I wear them for more than an hour. I'm a believer.
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My bootfitter used a different type of footbed for my tele boots than my alpine boots because the alpine footbed isn't designed to flex. I'd say ask your bootfitter if the material is up to bending. It may or may not be.

Another thing to consider is that the bed of the boot is flat and the inside of the shoe may not be as flat.

I've started using off the shelf insoles in my shoes due to a Morton's Neuroma and they work well.
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absolutely, a good foot bed maker will make the footbeds with different materials depending on what type of shoe you put them in. I had some made for my work boots but they cannot be transferred to running shoes. My ski boot foot beds just stay in the ski boots, again because of flexibility needs of different types of footwear.Good foot support is needed in all types of footwear.
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I take the factory insoles from my ski boots and put them in my work boots. 

The custom footbeds stay in my ski boots.
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