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Yeah, Wednesday NIght saw 50mph wind gusts so the surfaces were very tricky-the snow had warmed up a bit by the end of the day on Wednesday, so the wind really firmed it up for thursday.


However, the natural snow trails (liftline and Minnie Dole) still skied wonderfully.


I Skied last Night (Friday) and the little bit of rain actually softened the surfaces nicely.  This weekend, should be downright Spring-like (especially Sunday) so skiing will be great!


And, it looks like there is snow back in the forecast for the later part of next week (just in time).  All in all, this will be a good weekend of skiing at the B'east.

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Today was wonderful skiing at the BEast, spring skiing, but not too wet and not really deep.  It was foggy all day, but I didn't mind.  Skied 20,000 vertical feet, even with a lesson in the morning.  Cloud was very good, lower Cloud excellent.  All in all great skiing if you know how to slice not skid.

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Yeah, it was a lot of fun today.  I'm a fan of soft snow in any variety.  From what I saw of you today, smj, your skiing looked great-you've gotten a lot more dynamic.


The mountain turned into ghost town as soon as the race ended today.  


Slicing over skidding...that's the truth right there.

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Originally Posted by Liam View Post

Slicing over skidding...that's the truth right there.

 I really like the word slicing.  Carving is a subset of slicing, but carve vs. skid is just too limited a way to think.  


My focus is on the skis moving forward, tails following the tips - but that doesn't have to be in a clean carve.


Thanks for the kind words about my skiing.  I'm getting there.  Skiing 5 days a week for 6 weeks (so far) certainly helps!

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Anybody know how the $10 on Thursday nights works? Is that a price for adult/junior ticket for skiing on the trails with lights? Also, is the magic carpet and the bunny hill open?

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Not sure but that sounds right, give them a call. 413 339-6617.


The trail map shows where the night skiing is in yellow and both Bobcat and Topnotch show as open.  Bobcat is the magic carpet and Topnotch is the 2 seat chairlift bunny slope.

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Well Wednesday's storm gave the hill a great 5 inches of much needed, dense heavy snow and the snowmakers have really freshened the place up.  I skied this morning from 9 till noon, and it was really great. They are planning on firing up the guns again tonight (and probably through the weekend!) so MLK day at the B'east should be a great one (and quite a bit cheaper than the nearest VT resort, a lot less crowded, too...and closer).


Everyone I talked to was pretty stoked with surface conditions today (last week seems a long time ago!).



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Massachusetts Day this Friday, March 15th.  $25 with a Mass ID.  Tons of coverage on the mountain.  Anyone want to meet there?

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It's That time...


Berkshire East is looking great for the upcoming season:


1. Massive expansion of the Base Lodge

2. More expansion and upgrading of the already very expansive and upgraded snowmaking system.

3. Trail maintenance a plenty.


I'm always excited about the upcoming seasons, but this year I know the owndership has really put a lot into the hill, so with some good weather this should be a wonderful season at the B'East.


Last season was a tremendous bounce-back year at the mountain--I'm looking forward to keeping the streak alive.

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Season is getting close...


Word on the Street, along with the massive new lodge expansion (which really looks great!!!):


NEW SNOWMAKING ON UMASS AND HEMLOCK/WILDERNESS!  Both great improvements…Hemlock/ wilderness will be the new race training area on weekends, I've been told-which makes great sense, leaving Competition open for guests most of the time.  


Bottom line, is every year for the 10 years B'East has made focused, intelligent and meaningful improvements and investments in their ski area that have steadily improved and already exemplary ski experience at the Hill.  This season is no different.  The Old guns on UMass were one of the last hold overs from a bygone era, and the addition of snow making on the wilderness area just puts that terrain in play more often.  The Lodge is impressive and stands alongside any lodge in the east (plus, they still also have the west lodge, and new parking over by the Tubing area).


It really is the best ski area and skiing experience south of Killington--come and get it this season!



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Hiked up the new race trail (a much widened Hemlock) last weekend.  Wide open with a nice long steady pitch.  Looks perfect for race training.  Only thing missing is a flat runout at the bottom.  And the new lodge does look great.

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Berkshire East-Powder Capital! (of western, massachusetts that is!)!


Check out this short video of some young guns enjoying the first big snowfall of last season (Dec 28th)-it's a short video that really demonstrates what Berkshire East is like on a Powder Day!  It happens, more than you might think.  And even when the snow isn't flying it tends to have the best surface conditions south of central VT (a lower skier density and cost as well!).


I remember this day well….



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How about a mini get together at the B-East?


Here's an idea.  Wednesday, January 22nd.  It's MA Resident Day - $30 lift ticket if you show a MA Driver's License.


Let's start the list.

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SkiMangoJazz (host & guide.)

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Anyone ski B East today care to comment on experience?


Either Wa, BE or Butternut Saturday tentative.....leaning away from Wa due to expected massive crowd....

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I skied the B-East today and will be up again Sat and Sun.  It was good.  Not great, but good, but then it snowed about 3" making it better and two more days of snowmaking and grooming and I think it will be very good this weekend.


Limited terrain.  Upper & Lower Competition, Big Chief, Exhibition, Outback and Mohawk.


Should be plenty more by Saturday.

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Yeah, yesterday got better as the day went on, and today was also good, though more of a straight forward groomer carving day.  Tomorrow should be truly excellent as the sun warms the hill a bit and Sunday will ski well even with some precip as the warm temps make for fun snow.  In any case it'll be less expensive and way less crowded than any other southern new england ski area so if you are skiing this weekend I'd plan at least one day here.


I posted this video up in another thread, but it may be more apropos here: Berkshire East one week ago (how things change!):  Runs are East Glades and Grizzly…for december 20th this was outstanding! 


I am the first skier featured the rest are, well other people:


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Powder day tomorrow at the B'East…anyone else going to be there (or be square)?

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Probably too far to drive in the snow. Think the glades will still be ok Thursday?
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is there any base in the woods to speak of down there? 

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Nope, woods are unskiable right now.
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Quick BEast question: I see some houses on the trail map. Are they available for renting or just private property? Thanks for the responses in advance!

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Private property.

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Someone posted this on Berkshire East's Facebook page - thought I'd share.




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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post




Yeah!  I was at Jiminy yesterday and it was GREAT!  No trees (stupid, stupid, stupid management), but 10+" and fun.  

Rode up the lift with at least 6-7 groups who were complaining about "how hard" it was to ski in this kind of snow....


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I skied yesterday at Wachusett, just too far to drive to Berkshire East, although I wish I had.  Due to the timing of the storm they were unable to do their usual groom everything as soon as possible.


First runs on untracked snow and then soon it became a chopped up mess.  Some of it was very good skiing, some exposed scratchy things between the piles of snow and thus it was fairly challenging conditions.


From that video above Berkshire East looked a lot better. Nothing like getting off the groomers into the woods for nice turns.

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Originally Posted by tch View Post

Yeah!  I was at Jiminy yesterday and it was GREAT!  No trees (stupid, stupid, stupid management), but 10+" and fun.  

Rode up the lift with at least 6-7 groups who were complaining about "how hard" it was to ski in this kind of snow....




well there are trees if you got tons of people to break the law and basically make a mckery of the rules eventually they would change.

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Josh,  There are some fun woods to ski at Berkshire East but there is hardly ever enough snowpack.  When there is, Berkshire East is a really fun place and a worthwhile day trip destination for me from southern CT.  Another good day trip in the same region is skinning up Mt. Greylock and skiing the old Thunderbolt trail.

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1.  Been skiing trees since Wednesday at Berkshire East, and they've been good (use fat and floaty skis and you'll be fine).  


2. Berkshire comes alive with a foot of snow (and never suffers the groomer-zoomer crowds of Jiminy..btw, Jiminy used to have some fun glades but they literally clear-cut them to make blue cruisers).


3. Bumps on Umass have been the real pleasing feature of the last couple of days at Berkshire.


4. Picked up an inch or so last night and hopeful the thursday storm will amount to something.   Either way, anyone looking to ski this holiday weekend in the east would be CRAZY to day trip anywhere else.  Seriously, you'll pay more to ski the same conditions with hordes of gapers in southern/ central vt or Jiminy.  berkshire is the day tripper holiday deal for the next two weeks.  No lie.


5.  Hey, the new Crazy Horse lounge is OPEN-honestly the new 21 and over lodge is Beautiful and and a wonderful place to grab a post ski day beverage and bar fare.  It's been something lacking on the little hill that could, but the new lodge is stellar and a great enhancement.  I think they'll have the new downstairs open as well for the holiday. 


Come and get it.

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I might give BE a try this holiday weekend.  Never been, but always looking for an off-the-radar place to avoid crowds.  I live in the Bronx and ski mainly in the Catskills (Belleayre) and go to Plattekill if snow is good to avoid crowds.  If I wanted to stay overnight, is there any place nearby you would recommend? 


How would you say crowds/lift lines would compare to someplace like Bromley or Pico on the holiday weekend?  I was at Bromley many years ago Presidents weekend and, though crowded, was not overrun. 

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