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Berkshire East skiers discussion

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This thread is for those of us who ski at Berkshire East in Charlemont, MA.  I'm there every weekend and will post conditions and info when I can.

The new triple is scheduled to be open within the week giving access to the summit and easier access to Outback.

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Thanks for starting this thread SMJ!

I'm There most weekends (Sat/Sun) and on Tuesday day and thurs/ Fri nights.

I'm a little nervous about the new lift...hope the bugs are out of it before folks start riding it!

Tree skiing has been good so far---and that's with little snow!

If you haven't been here and are a southern new englander (or New York or New Jersey-er) do yourself a favor and check it out!

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 Am I allowed to post in this thread?


Seriously BEast is outstanding!

Looking forward to my next visit!!

Another mini bear gathering is forthcoming........results should be posted here. 
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 Beast skied well today, although a few trails were a bit icy, I was surprised that War Dance (one of my favorites) skied like Big Chief in the late afternoon.

Rumor has it that one of the lift towers is too tall?  Is this true.  If so how in the heck can they fix that?  Too bad because people are coming and there were lift lines yesterday (not today though) not long lift lines, but long for Berkshire East.  That lift will be great, when they get it running.

On another note the article in the Valley Advocate was inspiring.
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Jeff and I will be at Berkshire East on Sunday.  Kee Tov and my friend Michele will be joining us. 

I've only been there once before.  This should be fun!  Today I skied at Bousquet in HERO SNOW.  It was awesome!  Good snow makes all the difference!
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It was good to finally meet you and your SO today, SMJ!   The snow was awesome and we wore ourselves out!  We skied everything black (well, what was open) and loved it all.  The Beast rocks!
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 It was great to finally meet Bonni and skier_j - such nice warm and friendly people.  

Now just waiting for them to post the picture that was taken of us to prove it!

I'm only sorry we didn't get to ski together.
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A mini BEast gathering of bears is coming soon.....

We shall assume J and Bonni will be in attendance I hope?
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 Glad you started this thread SMJ. IQ and I would definitely be interested in a gathering at B'East. We're in recovery and "catch up at work" mode after our Vail trip. Though conditions weren't primo we had a great trip. Skiing from Lionshead to Blue Sky Basin and back is quite a little trek. 
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I worked on the mountain all day Tuesday-The Off-piste went off-line with the heavy warm rains and the main mountain got a coating of ice.   They groomed the lower mountain-which soon turned to golf balls and the Upper Mountain was closed at 3pm when the school kids arrived (it was treacherous).

Thursday:  Things had really improved-three days of grooming had smoothed out the worst of the chunk and, we picked up 5-6 inches on top through-out the day yesterday (was a great ski day actually!). 

Last Night Mountain Ops turned the guns back on and they'll run continuously through this prolonged cold snap.

By Sunday, Surfaces will be excellent, and I think from snow-gun drift and some natural snow Upper Lift LIne, Tomahawk, and Left side of East Glades will all be open and skiable again.

I'm also interested in an Epic gathering at the Beast..I can show folks some of the 'less trodden off-trail lines...conditions permitting!

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 Saturday, great day.  Excellent conditions.  Making a lot of snow too.

Comp top to bottom was great.
Chief was excellent and the bottom half had a lot of fresh manmade in the afternoon.
War Dance - sweet.
Exhibition, soft packed powder.

All in all a great day.  Hardly anyone there.  Pretty cold in the morning of course, but as Learn2Turn said in the Wachusett thread, anyone who didn't ski today because of the cold.  Shame on you!
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President's Weekend Outlook:

Well, needless to say this is the place in southern new england to go to beat the Holiday crowds and still get a great day of skiing in.

We only picked up 3 inches from the 'Storm"-but surface conditions are very good.  Mohawk is finally open.

There is some good snow off-Trail as well.  Tomahawk has very good coverage right now-though the only (and best ) way to access it is from Flying Cloud (along the side of which some nice bumps are forming as well).  To get to this tree run, cut into the woods on skiers right Just above Tower 9 on the new lift (there is a little scrubby bushwhacking needed here-but you'll see the well defined skier tracks...that belong to me and some other patrollers) and you'll find the well-trodden, fairly open and fun tree line.  

The lower half of East Glades right off of Big Chief skis well, too.

Everything else will be groomed-it's fast but lot's of edge to be had.

With the new lift picking up the slack lift lines ought to be non-existent throughout the holiday week.

I skied the B'east Tues, Thurs, and Friday this week.  I will be back on Monday and through out the week.

I hope to See the Beast faithful on the hill.

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Time for an Update:

Yesterday (Tuesday the 23rd)-started off nicely with 2 inches of new snow on top of groomer and steady snow during the day...then about 1 pm in the afternoon an unexpected SNOW BOMB exploded and dropped close to 7 inches in two hours!! (skiing-which went on iuntil 7 pm was fantastic)-since then close to another 20inches has fallen on the upper mountain (it's heavy, wet snow!) and thursday into friday is supposed to be another snow bomb!

The B'East will be 100% open this weekend with fantastic skiing  (all glades will be in play! with excellent snow)-just saying you can avoid southern Vermont crowds and prices (or Jiminy Peak groomed boredom) by hitting the Beast this weekend.  It'll be the best of the season.
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 Saturday 2/27, close to a foot of snow this morning, very little groomed.  Everything was good, although the deep snow was heavy and a bit hard to ski.  As the day went on the snow got either packed down or bumped up and it was a fantastic day of skiing!

Should be plenty of groomed trails in the morning and hopefully a good base to get us through the end of March!
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Sunday was great as well.  A little snow in the morning gave way to warmer temps and even a few glimpses of sunshine that turned all the snow we've received into a bumpy, spring-like mecca.

Runs we haven't skied in years were skiing wonderfully without a rock in sight (Upper Tomahawk, Upper East Glades, The Beast, Avalanche,)-getting that kind of coverage under stands of Hemlocks is no easy trick this far south and it doesn't happen every year. 

I skied a few untracked runs in some of the 'home-made' glades and found 2.5 feet of dense, fun snow in every direction.

Honestly folks, keep some money in your vpocket and don't drive past the B'East to chase the empty promises of Southern, VT (except for Magic, which is probably skiing better than it has in ages, and is equally low key cool and well-priced as Berkshire East!...in fact, I think I'll hit magic sometime this week...).

Any Bears looking foir a BEast Gathering...consider this weekend!
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I just noticed this thread.  I am a regular Berkshire East skier & look forward to fresh posts in this thread once the 2010-2011 ski season begins.  Hopefully, it will be a great season.  I will be sure to post here.


My 12-yr old son is in the Race program at BEast & so I'm there pretty much every weekend from mid-December to mid-March.  I also enjoy skiing at other good mountains in the East.  I hope to ski with some of you BEast regulars this season & would definitely attend a Bears gathering there.

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last B'east Update of 2010!


Well, the foot of snow on Monday morning (which was legit at the top) gave way to a stellar Holiday week at the B'east.  It's as busy as I've ever seen it and it still doesn't feel that crowded!


I enjoyed 2 unbroken virgin Powder runs on Upper-lower comp on Monday morning (and some good cut up cold crud runs after that).


Tuesday I had my boys (8 and 12) with me all day and, in spite of some frigid winds, skied excellent conditions.  Yesterday (thursday) we again skied all day to the best weather conditions of the season (with a crew of other parents and friends).


And we'll be back Saturday Morning to enjoy what promises to be some actual Spring-like conditions.


All in all, after a Late (and, honestly, somewhat shaky) start, The place is skiing great as always, conditions are solid, by Saturday most of the terrain will be on line (except the tree runs, there's just too little cover-though, folks been skiing them anyway!).


So far, Berkshire East continues to provide the best small ski area experience available in the East--we'll need a few good heavy wet snow shots to really get it up to full enjoyment, but for right now, this is one of the better skiing holiday weeks in recent memory.


I'd also love to see a Bears meet-up at this Southern New England Classic.


Hey SMJ, did you get up to ski on Wednesday?  How's the Shoulder?



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Liam I skied all day Wednesday and all day today.  Skiing the best I've ever skied.  Had 4 lessons so far, and feeling really good about my teaching.


Conditions were great today, got a bit soft in the afternoon, but except for Outback, never felt grabby.  Some nice soft smallish bumps on Upper Comp.  Everything skied great today.


Shoulder was doing OK until I got the crap beat of if by a student (fell on it, buckled her boots with it)  hurts a bunch now - but it's worth it.


See you tomorrow!

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Good to see this thread active again!


I have a couple of Berkshire East questions.....


Looks like me and my crew is heading to BEast on Monday seeking first chair unless it rains tomorrow....


Is area back on midweek opening and pricing Monday....and, if back to midweek what time does first chair lift off for citizens?



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$35 midweek lift tickets, opens at 9.


Nice thing about the B-east is that it doesn't even matter if you get first chair. 

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Sweet weekend of Spring-like skiing rounded out a great Holiday week.  Yesterday was non-stop runs on Upper comp on honest to goodness, big, soft BUMPS!  Pretty much only ski racers, instructors and Patrollers were on the mountain yesterday-the general public missed out on some great skiing!


A possible storm heading our way for the end of the week (we need the snow)-let's hope for a fantastic January!

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I was thinking about checking out this hill possibly Jan 3.  Their website says not much of their expert terrain is open currently.  For 35 bucks it still might be worth the drive.  Can anyone attest to the open terrain right now or should I hold off?  I'm in natick ma so the drive is about 2 2.5 hours I think.  Also I'd be interested in taking a few runs with some of you guys who are regulars.



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Go for it, there's enough terrain.  Yes Upper Comp is the only black diamond, but the blues at Berkshire East are no walk in the park!


Sorry I won't be up there today, up every weekend if you return.

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Thanks! gonna cancel the trip to do some brewing.  I might be in for sometime this weekend.  I will PM you or post something later on if I can go.

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I skied on Tuesday and today (thursday)-they've been making snow around the clock on the main trails and it looks like Cloud will (finally) open this weekend. Conditions are pretty sweet on the snowmaking based trails right now.


They've, THANKFULLY, left the moguls (which are the real deal) on top of Upper Comp.  I hope they become a main stay-or at least we might see another snow-making based trail become a defined mogul run-Flying Cloud and Umass (and Grizzly to Upper Minnie) are prime candidates.


It'll take quite a bit of snow to make the Glades skiable still (which is too bad, but that's how it is).


With the nice little shot of snow lining-up for tomorrow into Saturday Berkshire East should be GREAT this weekend--especially if you prefer to ski rather than and in line and dodge rental-darts all all day long.


See ya on the Slopes.








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what does the mountain hav to offer for terrain parks?
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They've been slow getting the parks up this year.  In the past they had one, smallish park along side a wide cruiser.   This Year they mean to put in three parks with multiple features, but they only started making the necessary snow on the original park this week.  I think they'll have a features up by tomorrow.



But to be honest, if Parks and pipes are your game, Berkshire East Ain't your mountain..yet.

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Thinking of hitting the Beast tomorrow for the first time.  Should have hit it earlier since we are out that way for UMass events all the time but looks like tomorrow could be a real good first day.

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I'm going to drive up tomorrow, hopefully for open, if anyone wants to meet up!



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Should be a great day at the Beast.   Liam and I are both bald (but good luck seeing that with our helmets on!)


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