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Need help to choose skis for my wife

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 Looking for a pair that could work for my wife in the 90-95 mm. A few info:

-My wife stats: height 5'-8", weight 145lbs, 43 yrs. old
-Ski level: she is an aggressive powerful skier on double blues -- people comments that she skis like a guy. She skis all blacks but a bit more defensive, specially if crud or ice are present. She does not ski double blacks (talking western skiing)
-Current skis: Head Wildthang II in 163cm height
-Looking to improve: a bit more advanced ski to help with faster speed on groomer and also help her in crud/powder/trees. She will spend 50/50 or 60/40 on-piste/off-piste
-Ski demoed: Rossignol Voodoo 90 2010 in 163cm. She tried it in Whistler (Blackomb) a few weeks back. Conditions were good, it snowed for a few days before and the groomers were fast, on the hard side, we still had powder off-piste (6"-8") with black runs having a mix of powder and crud. Her comments were that it was way easier than the Wildthang on crud/powder and her confidence went up by two notches in the first hour using the ski. She complained that her legs were getting tired on the groomers when she was going fast. My observations: she looked overall way better, her balance on the ski was solid (normally on the Wildthang I have often the impression that she doesn't hit the sweet spot, kind of falling forward or backard a bit). Way way better on crud/powder, she could finally relax and go for it and she pulled off some decent runs even off-piste. On groomers at fast speed she looked a tiny bit better but I noticed that on the hard snow skis were chattering -- normally not evident with the Wildthang, not sure if blades needed to be adjusted or if that ski is a bit too soft. That maybe explains her complaining for fatigue...When I asked her if she would buy the ski she said that she would love something like that for crud/powder but she didn't love them on groomers.

I was on the Mantra that day and I couldn't have been happier I was ripping on-off piste. I thought that maybe something like that could be a good ski for her too? I looked at the women version, the Aura, but from what I understand it is not the same ski. It sound that the core is lighter/more flexible. Would that give chattering issues? What other ski could be a good candidate for her?

Sorry for the long post. Looking forward to your expert feed back 
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Aggressive and powerful on blues? and you want help going faster on groomers and also in powder and trees? The very things that will help in one condition will hinder in the other.

Buy two skis.

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Yes aggressive on blues...lol.   I am tring to describe how she skis, she would basically not just cruise around, but when she gets on blacks her skills are not there to be able to charge yet, but she wants to get there and will take lessons to get better. Not sure about what level # you would consider her....

I understand that a better ski on groomer won't be great on powder and reverse but there are skis that are an ok compromise. If she would be a man perhaps I would have her try the Mantra or Line Prophet 90 or 100, but I know nothing about women skis. Not even sure I exactly understand why there are women skis...

I was thinking that the Aura could have been a good one, but on the forum it seems that a few people were saying that it lucks stability at speed. Any good candidate around to try? Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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I've certainly never found my Auras to lack stability at speed, even at 50+ MPH on Michigan hardpack. They do tend to have some tip chatter on the hardest snow, but for an aggressive high intermediate to expert woman, I highly recommend this ski. If she's skiing a 163 now, she'll want to go with the 170 for more float and power in the crud (they ski very short!!). FWIW, my carvers are 168 and my Auras are 177.

The Aura is the same ski as the original Mantra, but with Balsam wood stringers in the core for lighter weight and a bit softness. I outweigh her by ALOT and they are my daily drivers.

The only thing is that they are very lively skis, so she may not like their "feel" after being on something as damp as the Heads and Rossis.

The reason there are women's skis is that if you have a male and a female, both the same weight, the male with still have greater muscle mass and strength. It's just a fact of life. So, manufacturers are making skis with light weights and softer cores to give women a ski they can actually flex with their lighter weight and less muscle mass. Many also move the mounting point and ski waist forward to account for a woman's lower and more rearward center of mass. Plus, we women like pretty skis......didn't you know that?????
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 try line chronics......  my wife loves them....... 
 don't discount mens skis, my lovely bride skis K2 apache crossfires and she kills the groomers no matter how steep.
 good luck
ps. im not a K2 guy........
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 Volklgirl -- Thanks, I think the Aura is a good candidate. It certainly meet the pretty requirement.

chrisandy -- Line chronics sounds interesting, I like Lines skis in general. I'll check them out.

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I tune skis for my friends sometimes and a pair of Auras came to my bench. Really nice ski. Truly just a de-tuned Mantra, with all the stability and smoothness that a metal sandwich sidewall ski provides. I wouldn't hesitate to put anyone on it, and speed would not be a problem. I see my friend on them all the time and she rocks. So, you may have heard otherwise, but I'll put in a good word for the Aura.
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