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How's Utah's Snow Shaping Up?

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I'm heading out to ski Alta, Snowbird, and possibly Snowbasin in a few weeks? 

It seems like Utah has not been getting their normal massive amounts of snow. Is this correct?  How is it shaping up? Any big storms on the horizon?


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Skiing is good, not great.  At Snowbasin there has only been one big storm & nothing to speak of since before Christmas.  I don't think other areas are much different.  There is a chance of snow Wednesday.  We will just have to see after that.

Here is a link that I will update as conditions change:


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 Here's a link to the National Weather Service forecasts for Alta

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It's pretty scratchy right now. At The Canyons today, and there's lots of "thin cover" signs even in places that's not expected.

Snowbasin was pretty good on Saturday, as they just opened Strawberry gondola, so the snow is pretty fresh there. Up to Snowbird tomorrow, so we'll see what that's like.

Everything can change in a day, so just keep watching.
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I skied Snowbasin, Deer Valley and Alta this weekend. On the groomers, there's no problem. The cover is good and all three resorts did a great job with grooming (though Snowbasin seemed a bit more trafficked, and plus there are boarders, so those runs got a bit more chopped up. Not badly though).
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Snowbasin is totally screwed up with the preparations for the DEW TOUR which happens this coming weekend.  Seems like the resources have been dedicated to making a huge half pipe and jumps.  That's awesome for the competitors but has left the rest of the mountain far below normal as far as grooming standards, amount of snowmaking, etc.  Should clear up after this weekend but the things they've built for the competition block normal trails to the base area and create congestion hence the scratchy conditions  mentioned earlier.

Strawberry is pretty good.  John Paul has not had enough snow put on it to groom, so the 2002 Olympic downhills have bumps on them!  Avoid SBN this weekend except to watch world class half pipe and aerials.  That should be awesome, however.  I'm bailing and using the free Sun Valley tickets that came with our SBN season passes this year.
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