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Blue Knob 1/18/09

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 Looking to go to Blue Knob for the first time next Monday. I'm hoping to hit what glades they have that are open. Plus they have some kind of bowl listed on the trail map (currently closed) anyone familiar with that.
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Bring your balls and your rock skis.  You will need both for the double black terrain.  Enjoy it.  I can't wait to ski there again, lovely rustic place.  I like it like that!
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 Which ski to select for rocks...oh wait I only get to have a quiver in my dreams, I guess I'll be dodging rocks then. The double black terrain there any good or is it another case of a PA 2xBlack being a northern blue?
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Yes, they do actually have a bowl in Central PA!  Stembogen Bowl is lots of fun.  It's a mini bowl by western standards, but is pretty cool!

Here's the Trip Report from a group outing at BK last year:

It's a fun place!

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BK has some legit 30 degree terrain. And I am guessing with all the recent snow that coverage should be pretty good.
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You would think so, but for some reason all but 2 of their Blacks are closed although all the Double Blacks are open. The bowl is listed as closed :(

Originally Posted by tromano View Post

BK has some legit 30 degree terrain. And I am guessing with all the recent snow that coverage should be pretty good.
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Blue Knob often closes down a lot of terrain mid-week to preserve it for the weekend. A nasty habit of theirs. Stembogan (the bowl and trail) were reported to have poor cover (per Laurel Hill Crazie.) It may currently be closed for snow making. If it is closed, a lot of other trails feeding either into it or from it have to be closed.

Also be advised that they don't open up until 10 AM on weekdays. Found that out the hard way last year...

Extrovert is a legit double black (OK, legitimate black by say MRG standards.) Its average steepness is in the low 30's, has two bisecting trails, some sections with brush sticking up (generally), icy bumps (generally), and even on a pow day, there are 1-2 steep sections of heinous blue ice that never keep snow.

As tromano and I can attest, it has some decent side country when snow cover is good.

You don't really need rock skis for the trails, but the glades generally require rock skis. (Or at least skis to which you are willing to risk a core shot.) Some logging and poor maintenance have produced a very rocky base. May not be as bad this year; the base in the trees at Timberline, WV has been off the hook. May be the same in PA, but they don't get as much snow. I''ll find out in late Feb for the DCSki/Epic meet-up.
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 Anyone know what the snow is like there, particularly in the glades?
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First report, 1/09:

I got out late today. All the terrain was open but I missed freshies by about an hour. I skied stuff I never skied before (new Skyline Glades) and stuff I hadn't skied in years (the truncated East Wall Glades). I concur on Stem, it seemed a little thin for snow making but the second head wall on Lower Ex had about the best coverage I've seen thanks to the new HKDs. The Ditch was nice as was Edgeset, softest bumps on the hill. I saved Lower 66 for last after a beer. I liked the bumps above Ex and even in the transition but by the last steep pitch I pulled up and fell off trail and post holed the deep there, took awhile to dig out. Nice to see all the natural opened.

I went back again on Wednesday 1/13 

Tuesday was a typical BK day, cold and windy. The morning overcast broke up for a swift moving cloud & sun day. The wind chill was sharp. All the typical groomers were virgin cord and wicked fast, Mambo, Jack Rabbit , X-way, High Hopes,  The natural was white plate with heavy wind whipped powder in the low spots.

The darkest carvern on the top of any mountain

August West aka zooman

top 'o the Alleghenies

It seems to me that the BK crew have spent some time making little tweeks that make for a nicer skiing experience. Good snowmaking gets Lower Extrovert open sooner and probably longer. The glades seemed to be more manicured around the edges opening up just a touch more terrain. The marked get in off of Stembogen to East Wall Glade and the clean up in there make this, the most difficult section, the most accessible since the glade was first cut

East Wall Glade

East Wall headwall

The new Skyline Glade starts out between the terrain park and Expressway and benefits from snowmaking blow in. It starts flat but is a little tighter then the others. After a short tight drop it widens out and feeds you out on a corner of Mambo. Keep right and head down Laurel Run Glade and you have one of the longest sustain tree runs on the hill.

Skyline Glade

Skyline too

Laurel Run Glade:

Laurel Glade

Extrovert was edgeable machine made hard pack with plenty of lose stuff pushed in spots. Coverage was good but the base is what impressed me. On Lower's last head wall coverage was excellent side to side.


Extrovert too

Lower Extrovert

Snowmaking froze on Stem resulting in thin coverage. The hope was to thaw out during today's rainy warm up and have operational  soon. I doubt Stem, Edgeset, D-trail & the Ditch will be open much this year if the snowmaking problem isn't solved.
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