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Tip of big toe pain, at wits end...

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I currently really like my ski boot setup, almost. I ski in Dolomite Pro Z 130s with a ZipFit liner and I have skied in these for about 3 seasons now. I have narrow feet and a fairly long big toe. The boots fit well it seems for everything except the toe box.

My problem is that on the very tips of my big toes I get small indentations, as though someone was pushing in with a ballpoint pen. Even as slight as they are on a cold day it makes my whole forefoot go numb and when I finally dig my foot back up out of the boot it feels like someone is sawing off my big toes when the circulation returns. During ski season the tips of my big toes have become almost permanently numb from this.

In desperation I've taken a dremel to the inside of the boot to carve out some space in the toe box but it doesn't seem to have made the difference I am looking for. So I am looking for other possible causes or solutions. 

Does the Zipfit have a seam in the toebox lining that may be causing thing?
Would adding something like an Eliminator tongue help keep my foot back from the tip a few mm?
Is there something I could put over the tips of my big toes to stop this?

I don't have nail problems and have never gotten a black nail from it, its just the numb toe from the indents. I don't think the issue is from the boot being too big as I really can't move my foot much at all while its in there. Seems to happen equally on both sides. All I know is that I'm happy with the boot setup but if I can't get this fixed I'm at the point where I'd almost rather buy new boots or stop skiing because the after effect is so painful. 

Thanks in advance.
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 More than likely your dremel tool isn't cuttin it!   You need to have someone with a foredom tool and a 1" ball get in there and give you more toe room.   If you have ground the toe as thin as possible and still need more room, a grind around the heel cup can also give you a bit more room in the toe box area.  If you believe your foot is sliding forward then a tongue shim may help as well.
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Thanks Bud. I've had the toe ground and/or punched three times on both boots, and finally took the dremel in there when I had reached the fix or sell breaking point. It's about as thin as I'd be comfortable with at this point since I can see through the toe of the boots. At this point I am leaning towards trying a little tongue padding and if that doesn't make a difference, keeping them as race/hardsnow boots and buying something with a more comfy toebox room for the future.

These boots have been nicely balanced though, so I really would prefer to get it fixed, although I suspect a decent bootfitter would laugh at the dremel hack (although it did make the problem slightly better...).
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