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Full Tilt for me?

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Hey, right now I'm wearing the technica modo 10's and i really don't like them at all.  they cut off circulation to my toes, give me bad shin bang, aren't responsive, and aren't very warm.  I've been looking at Full Tilt's boot line after a recomendation from a friend that they reduce shin bang.  What are your thoughts on the Konflict?  I am a very tall skier (6' 4"), but i'm skinny.  I like to hit medium sized lines and drops and ski park too.  I am advanced, can ski anything, just want less pain!  If not full tilt, any other recommendations?
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 If not full tilt, any other recommendations?

ones which fit your foot shape!!!!, sorry to give a stock answer but a friends recomendation fro a ski boot is useless unless they have identical feet to you, get to a good fitter, have your feet assessed and let them recomend a boot to suit your foot and your needs
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