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Midwest Moguls

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I got to ski my first bumps in the Midwest this last weekend, and thought I'd start a thread for people to report if moguls are up at the various resorts in the Midwest.

My home hill Wilmot Mountain, WI just seeded some bumps on Exhibition after the recent snow storm. Conditions Saturday 1/9/10 were pretty good considering how new the bumps were. They put in three rows of bumps on the top half of the hill. It looked like they'd grown quite a bit in size throughout the day, especially near the top, and natural ones were forming down the hill and out to the sides. Good run to learn on right now, mellow slope and not too deeply rutted yet. I had a blast tearing down the zipperline, something I'm not normally good enough to do.

I'm looking for a report for Alpine Valley, WI if anyone's been there recently. Their website shows "Mogul Madness" as open, but don't know if there are actually moguls on it yet. EDIT: looks like they updated their website and "Big Thunder" looks to have moguls on it.
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Last weekend I was up at Cascade and Granite Peak.  Mogul Monster at Cascade had it's standard firm, icy, relatively widely spaced out bumps especially in the middle of the run.  It had some nicer, tighter lines toward the sides.  Granite Peak had 2 runs with moguls, Sundance and White Wolf.  Sundance's moguls were very widely spaced and extremely icy everywhere.  They were pretty much unskiable.  White Wolf was much better but still pretty spread out and pretty hacked up towards the bottom.  The moguls on the last 1/4 of the run were actually peaked and almost looked like waves about to break.  Heading back up again in a couple of weekends and will report again if any change.
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I haven't seen any good ones yet in southeast Wisconsin.  Let me when and where they are the best!

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