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Bad Ankle Pain

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Hi All

I have been skiing a lot when I was younger, love it, I would say I am intermediate skier, no problem on blue/red slopes, can do an occasional black dimaond linking turns no problem.

After 4 hrs of skiing on Saturday front of my leg just about my ankle was killing me, is that because my boots were too tight or too loose? I only wore 1 pair of socks.

Reason I ask is I really like skiing just not the pain in the front of my leg, it was like a bruise from my leg fitting wrong in the boot. I rented the boots from ski place I was out.

Any advise is much appreciated.


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Go to a reputable ski shop and buy a pair of boots that fit properly and get custom insoles.  Chances are the boots you rented are too big and the lack of foot support is most likely the culprit of the shin/ankle pain.  Remember the boot should be suspiciously snug.
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