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lighter weight skier

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I am a 46 year old advanced intermediate. I am slight at  5’7” 140lb.  Comfortable on black diamonds in the north east.  I learned to ski in the last five years and continue to progress.  I found a few lessons go along way, resulting in moving to the next level.  While I am mostly on groomed north east trails, I do enjoy trying to improve on moguls, and enjoy the rare powder we get.  Occasionally follow my sons of piste since they will board on all terrain.

I recently tried the atomic black eye  ti 164s.  For me it was stable and easy enough to go edge to edge on quick groomed runs and plowed through varied conditions (demoed on different days and conditions).  I did feel less nimble and less athletic on these.   Any suggestions for a lighter weight skier.  Perhaps at my weight a little less stiff ski is in order.  Please suggest any of this year’s lineup and size that would be appropriate.  


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@ 140lb, try the blackeye TI in 157 cm. or get a pair of last year blakceye - no Ti layer, less hold on ice but soft & silky in the bumps (cheaper too). I'm 5/6, #168 and use laqst years blackeye (164) as my bump ski at Killington.        
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