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I noticed that the Anti Block System (ABS) track on my Tyrolia bindings mounted to Head ixrc1200 SW skis was broken on one of the bindings so some of the track was sticking up.  The on-hill shop that the rubber track can be cut off, glued down or taped down.  I taped for the day just to preserve the other options.  But does this reduce the ABS functionality or is it more marketing than functionality?  Can it also be replaced?  What do the experts here recommend?
BTW - it just occurred to me that in February I will have been on Epic Ski for 10 years.  I don't always post if I don't think I have anything to add.  But anyway it has been a great site that has grown tremendously.  Look for a retrospective post coming up.  My first post was to ask about a broken ski - a Salomon that cracked behind the binding in front of the pro-pulse system across the width of the ski.
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